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    24 MAY 2024 · JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN @KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM starting May 24 at 11 a.m. PT & 2 p.m. ET when this week’s podcast drops for more about Jupiter in Gemini for the next year & the higher meaning of the recent May 23 Sagittarius Full Moon! When the Sagittarius Moon opposed the Gemini Sun at this lunation, it highlighted for us all the shadow side of the Gemini archetype, because it reflected the light of the Sun back to itself, as do all full Moons. Thus, it asked us to release our attachment toward endless chatter & the tendency to run around in mental circles, which can create both confusion & mental exhaustion.  The Sagittarius Moon reminded the Gemini Sun that there’s a bigger picture—based on a wider interpretation of our personal philosophies—that can cure the Geminian tendency toward getting stuck in the local ‘hood & ignore that there’s a wider world out there to which we are all connected. Without such consciousness, the Gemini archetype can get stuck in the maze of its own making (read: distracted by gossip & conspiracy theories) & engage in short-term tactics that don’t advance us toward an actual long-term goal. A perfect metaphorical example is this: Imagine the Gemini Sun as a person wandering confusedly through the labyrinth’s maze, unable to find an exit. The longer one walks, the more confused one gets as she loses all sense of direction. Well, when the Sagittarius Moon tells the Gemini Sun to “look up!” he’s reminding this archetypal energy that there’s a way out. If we can expand our mind beyond the narrower ken of being stuck in that labyrinth’s seemingly endless mental rut, we can rise above & see its configuration more clearly. The difference boils down to a rat being stuck in a maze with no way out compared to the eagle soaring above who sees the exit clearly. And the Gemini Sun’s trine to Pluto Rx in Aquarius at this lunation called us to take stock of the deeper meaning of our lives & to study what no longer works so that we may make changes. The intent is to reform the necessary parts of our lives so they may run more smoothly in the future. Venus entered Gemini then, too, which can help us communicate with others in more loving ways as long as we watch out for superficial communication.  So, as Jupiter enters Gemini May 25 for the next year until June 9, 2025, he will expand the Geminian archetype’s potential. However, it goes without saying (though I’ll say it anyway, lol) that this means it will expand both the good, bad, & the ugly.  So, get ready for the expansion of new ideas, ways of communicating, more reading, writing, talking about, & discussing of, ideas. But be prepared also for Gemini’s shadow side to rear its ugly head in the form of more mis- & disinformation & propaganda, gossip, fickle behavior, & conspiracy theories. However, since Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is the sign of higher knowledge & expansion of consciousness, and includes in its archetypal range the subject of law, we may well see an expansion of legal applications to combat Gemini’s shadow side energies. So, if we can keep the focus on the positive of Gemini’s energies, which include talking, teaching, writing--& the reception of information through listening, learning, reading, & observing—we can make the highest use of Jupiter’s transit through Gemini over the next year. Join us @KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM to hear more about the repercussions already being felt from the May 23 Sagittarius Full Moon, Jupiter’s year-long move into Gemini May 25, & the upcoming astrological energies for this next week!  These include current events as related to astrological ones, such as how the May 26 conjunction of Mars/Hygeia (goddess asteroid of health) & current Ceres/Chiron cardinal square in the sky may bring more famine in places like Gaza & Haiti before warring parties agree to a solution. (Ceres is the goddess of the grain, related to sustenance as both food & faith.) And whether Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries May 29 will result in a continued outcry by other nations (as Jupiter expands Gemini’s ability to broadcast perspectives & opinions, along with its capacity for legal interpretation) for sanctions against Israel. And whether we’ll hear a sudden announcement by the time Mercury conjoins with Uranus in Taurus May 30/31 (read: a jury verdict in the current Trump trial, maybe?)  Stay tuned for all this & more Astro News You Can Use when you tune into this week’s “Karmic Evolution’s Astrologically Speaking” podcast which drops today! See you later! Namaste…
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    10 MAY 2024 · JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN @KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM for this week’s podcast drops at  First, let’s remember how the March 10 Pisces New Moon called us to develop compassion—for both ourselves & others. Then the April 8 Aries New Moon solar eclipse, which conjoined wounded healer Chiron, asked us to speak out about past & present wounds so that we may heal them going forward. The April 23 Scorpio Full Moon square to Pluto in Aquarius illustrated that social reform is necessary to accomplish both of these goals, as this square—along with Pluto’s May 2 station retrograde--represented groups fighting for future change & equality for all. Whether domestically in state legislatures or on college campuses where students call for international equality, this reality has become pretty obvious, wouldn’t you say? And when Venus squared Pluto April 30/May 1 issues around sex & money hit the collective in rapid fire, including: Russia raising its citizens taxes to fund its war on Ukraine, the repeal & enactment of abortion laws in several U.S. states, & an ongoing election fraud trial in NYC centered on paying off a porn star to keep quiet about a sexual liaison to win a presidential election. We also had the news—just as Mercury stationed direct in Aries on April 25—that New York’s highest court threw out Harvey Weinstein’s 2020 rape conviction because it found the trial judge unfairly allowed testimony against Weinstein based on allegations that weren’t part of the case. (Don’t worry, he’s still in prison based on the rape conviction in his Los Angeles trial.) This makes the message of the May 7 Taurus New Moon--which sextiled Saturn in Pisces—even more important with regard to showing greater respect for feminine divine energies & cycles. Especially as convicted sexual abuser former president Donald Trump continues to stand trial in New York for covering up a sex scandal with a porn star as part of an election fraud scheme. Quite representative of all the Venus energy juxtaposed against Mars in Aries right now in a "he said, she said" kinda way, right? Combined with the Aries True North Node’s May 8 conjunction to Hygeia, the goddess asteroid of health, we’re called this month to work toward improving our own & the world’s health. The Sun’s sextile to Saturn May 6/7 set the stage for the opportunity to succeed at a plan that Venus’s May 13 sextile to Saturn can commit to for the long-term. But this will require a change in values as the Taurus Sun approaches conjunction to Uranus May 13, & a further commitment to justice as the Sun/Jupiter conjunction takes place May 18. And all of this further requires that we understand the messages sent to us already. That self-compassion leads to compassion for others, speaking out about our own & others’ deep wounds leads to future healing, & that the opportunity to commit to lasting peaceful solutions that stand the test of time is what’s most important as we move forward. Join us at KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT, or any of your favorite podcast stations, for more details about how the heavens reflect back to us these major messages! Namaste…
    1h 59s

    26 APR 2024 · JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN @ KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM when a new “Karmic Evolution’s Astrologically Speaking!” podcast drops at 11 a.m. PT & 2 p.m. PT April 26 & find out more! Like how the Sun’s move into Taurus April 19 & the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus April 20 led to expanded knowledge & a rapid change in perspective concerning finances & values. This, combined with reduced frustration as the energy of the recent Mars/Saturn conjunction wanes, led to sudden U.S. Congressional cooperation & passage of funding for Ukraine--without which it’s predicted Ukraine would lose the war against its Russian aggressor. We look further at how the April 23 Scorpio Full Moon formed a fixed square to Pluto in Aquarius & how this energy manifests now through widening student protests against U.S. support for Israel its war in Gaza, & the growing backlash by authority figures. (Read: Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, Scorpio Moon & Taurus Sun square Pluto in rebellious Aquarius=expansion of student (Jupiter) protests (Uranus/Aquarius) over U.S. financial backing (Taurus) of Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza (Jupiter as the ruler of higher education, law, foreign places, AND religion.)  We explore another theme related to these energies in the form of finances & sexual abuse--as Venus approaches a square to Pluto April 30/May 1--by Spain’s decision to hold the Catholic Church financially responsible for 440K victims of such abuse by clergy & others. Meanwhile, the Arizona state house repeals the archaic 1864 law that bans abortions there, & we wait to see if the state senate will follow suit.  And then there’s the U.S. DoJ’s $138M award to female Olympic athletes abused by Larry Nasser, the official Olympic gynecologist at the University of Michigan, already serving tine in prison. Can’t get more Venus/Pluto than that as the two approach their exact square April 30/May 1! Join us at KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM for more on all this, plus Venus’s entrance into Taurus April 29, Mars’ move into its own sign of Aries April 30, & the third-quarter monthly lunar square of the Aquarius Moon to the Taurus Sun May 1. (Hint: This asks us to push through current crises in ways that resonate with the mission of this monthly lunar cycle’s inception at the April 8 Aries New Moon solar eclipse conjunct wounded healer Chiron by speaking out about our own & other peoples’ pain & suffering.)  And finally, we take a deeper look at the overall meaning of Pluto’s station retrograde in Aquarius on May 2 until October 11. This is where the rubber meets the road in terms of each of us sorting out for ourselves where we stand in terms of morals/integrity, money, & power, & what we can discover from an intense exploration of the meaning of “soul” vs the allures, temptations, & trappings of the outer world… (Hint: Any personal confusion on what this means more specifically for each of us will come clear by watching what happens in the outer world & wider collective during this period!) Don’t miss this explanation of how all these astro energies blend together to manifest in the physical world through a look at current events & our role in them! See you then! Namaste…
    57m 55s

    19 APR 2024 · JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN @KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM for more about these astro-events when a new “Karmic Evolution’s Astrologically Speaking!”  We’ll delve into the higher meaning of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus—the first time these two have come together in this fixed earth sign since 1941--& how it fits into the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon square to Pluto in Aquarius energy! (Hint: New revelations about necessary future evolutionary societal changes!) Along the way, Sheri discusses recent events within the collective related to Mercury & the Sun’s conjunctions to Eris this past week & what news they brought us. AND, how the Sun’s move into Taurus April 19 & waning Mars/Saturn in Pisces energy may calm things down a bit going forward, despite the currently ongoing warfare between places like Israel & Iran. Plus, we take a deep dive into Israel’s natal chart to see where past wounds (Scorpio South Node conjunct wounded healer Chiron) are triggered now by an opposition from the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction & the quincunx from transiting Chiron in Aries. And how this may determine this nation’s future actions/reactions, especially since its karmic nodal axis & Chiron square its natal Saturn/Pluto in Leo. We look also at where these energies occur in the U.S. Sibly chart. And how GOP House speaker Mike Johnson’s recent change of heart on supporting funding for Ukraine can be seen as the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction occurs on the U.S. 6th H cusp, calling this nation to once again “be of service” to its allies. This is especially true as transiting Chiron continues making its return & triggers the natal U.S. chart’s opposition of natal Chiron to natal Juno/Saturn (read: commitment in partnership) & square to its natal 7th H of partnership Cancer Sun. Translation: Congress debates passing financial & military support for Israel & Ukraine, & supplying humanitarian funds for Gazans based on the retriggering of its own natal wound. Read: The wound to its quest for independence from an overbearing monarchy, which led to its birth as an independent sovereign nation. Finally, the upcoming April 23 Scorpio Full Moon squares Pluto in Aquarius, telling us that change is inevitable as the evolution-oriented Scorpio Moon reflects the light of stubborn change-resistant Taurus Sun back to itself. Change is inevitable as a law of the universe, but won’t come easily, as the square of both luminaries to Pluto in Aquarius is already been felt by events like the arrest of 100+ students protesting the war in Gaza at NYC’s Columbia University on April 18. With Pluto about to enter Aquarius for the long haul on November 19, we’re seeing shades of the revolutionary energy of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo from the mid-1960’s when the protests by students nationwide at college campuses were shut down by the authorities, sometimes brutally (Kent State, anyone?) We had a preview of this kind of energy when Saturn transited through Uranus-ruled Aquarius (a rebellious energy as well) from March 21, 2020 to July 1, 2020; and then later from December 17, 2020, to March 7, 2023. This is when we experienced groups of people taking to the streets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement—not only in America but in places like France too. Stay tuned for all this Astro News You Can Use & more by checking out this week’s podcast @KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM (or any of your favorite podcast stations) starting at 11 a.m. PT & 2 p.m. ET today! Namaste…
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    12 APR 2024 ·  JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN @ KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM FOR THIS WEEK’S PODCAST  to review the overall themes of the recent March 25 & April 8 eclipses, when they came into play, & where their influence is being felt most! We look back also as last year’s eclipses to learn how they’ve influenced recent events, including Donald Trump’s multiple legal indictments--& how these two most recent eclipses, along with Mercury retrograde, resulted in losses of three appeals in his ongoing court cases. We’ll look also at the recent eclipse driven earthquakes as symbolic wake up calls as Mercury retrograde conjoined Eris in Aries at the April 8 solar eclipse & then moved back to rejoin the Aries Sun April 11, the day of O.J. Simpson’s passing. We review how last fall’s Eris/North Node conjunction & eclipses manifested in former GOP House speaker Kevin McCarthy’s fall from power, & Rep Mike Johnson’s political elevation—all under the influence of dwarf planet Eris, goddess of chaos & discord! This podcast reviews also how, under both Venus & Mercury in the god of war Mars-ruled Aries—but Mercury now retrograde until April 25—Israel withdraws troops from southern Gaza but vows to continue its goal to eliminate Hamas. However, the message of the most recent eclipses has been to release old, unsuccessful, goals & to review, revise, & realign with new ones. In addition, learn how the April 8 solar eclipse conjunct wounded healer Chiron is playing out in terms of turning the tide toward greater healing for women’s rights to bodily autonomy. Hint: Mercury’s retrograde, so it’s one step back, but hopefully two steps forward as Arizona & Florida resurrect archaic abortion laws, but their courts allow referendums on women’s rights to abortion onto the November 5 upcoming election ballots—a move sure to bring more pro-choice advocates to the polls. And how we’re headed now for a Sun/Eris conjunction on April 14, just before the April 15 first quarter waxing lunar square of the Cancer Moon to the Aries Sun, as we head toward the Sun’s entrance into Taurus April 19 & the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction April 20! Will additional chaos result in more confusion or greater revelations that bring clarity? Join us for all this & more Astro News You Can Use at KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM starting today! See you then! Namaste…
    58m 43s

    5 APR 2024 ·  JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN AT KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM FOR THIS WEEK’S PODCAST--which drops April 5 @ 11 a.m. PT & 2 p.m. ET—to learn more about how we arrived at this energy & what to expect moving forward… When we extrapolate current astrological energies out of collective happenings down into the level of the personal, we might ask ourselves now: “What dream did I plant at the March 10 Pisces New Moon that I’m now finding was unrealistic because I will be, in the end, unable to successfully manifest it out in the world? And where, at the March 25 Libra Full Moon, did I need to release any tendency to fight rather than create an environment of peace & harmony? OR where did I decide to go along to get along & acquiesce with others against my true wishes? And how, as we approach the Aries New Moon solar eclipse on April 8, can I recognize—as Mercury retrogrades in Aries until April 25 & Mars waxes toward a conjunction with Saturn in Pisces April 10—that I must reorient my creative aspirations into ones more concretely possible in the real world? This podcast outlines the major happenings within the collective since the Capricorn Moon & dwarf planet Ceres squared the Aries Sun & transiting karmic nodal axis at the third-quarter lunar square April 1. (Hint: Ceres is related to “sustenance” in the form of both literal food & faith, as it’s when our bellies are full that we can have faith that we needn’t worry about from where our next meal will come.) And how the April 3 Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces—though fleeting—dissolved any fantasies around the success of previous plans because they’ve now proven to be unworkable. Further, we’re watching now how Venus’s April 4 entrance into Mars-ruled Aries transforms the goddess of beauty & love into a warrior for relationships, which--through negotiation & compromise—can prove more harmonious & peaceful in the end. We’re challenged now—as Mars waxes toward an exact conjunction to Saturn in Pisces April 10--with the frustrating task of divining a new, more workable, plan for the future. And we have two choices with this aspect: fatigue & depression OR exhaustion after we put our shoulder to the wheel & work hard to achieve success. It's up to each of us to decide which way will prove more healing given Chiron’s prominent presence conjunct the Sun & Moon in Aries at this solar eclipse, which calls us to act in order to heal old wounds. By April 11, when the Aries Sun meets Mercury retrograde at their inferior conjunction, we will doubtless hear some kind of major announcement from the powers that be. And it will likely be something that’s revising an older policy or plan because, as noted, Mercury is retrograde--a time when we review & revise our previous courses of action. And it’s then we hopefully will hear something meant to promote further healing within the collective. Tune in to KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM to hear more details about how astrological events within the collective illustrate how these heavenly energies manifest on terra firma! And what else they may reveal at the April 8 Aries New Moon solar eclipse! Check it all out for more Astro News You Can Use & this don’t miss podcast episode that illustrates how real-life events enlighten us all about our future direction—both personally & collectively! See you then! Namaste…
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    29 MAR 2024 · JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN @KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM for the latest podcast, which drops March 29 @ 11 a.m. PT & 2 p.m. ET, about how the recent March 25 & upcoming April 8 eclipses—AND Mercury’s retrograde in Aries April 1-25—kick off a long-term review of both current partnerships & creative projects! This includes a look at how the March 25 Libra Full Moon lunar eclipse revealed changes in our relationships to others—both personal & as part of the collective. In addition, we discuss how Mercury’s station retrograde from 27-degrees 10-minutes Aries April 1 back to 16-degrees Aries on April 25--when it stations direct again--provides us all the opportunity to review where & how we need to make changes to those which no longer inspire us.   This Mercury retrograde period may stall the flow of our creative juices—temporarily—but the gift is time to review where we may have lost our mojo & need to recapture the kind of intuitive inspiration that helps us better plan our future. This theme is likely to be most prevalent when Mercury hits the upcoming Mars-ruled April 8 Aries New Moon solar eclipse degree of 19-degrees 24-minutes of the archetypal sign of motivation, ambition, & proactive assertion. This period is already activated since Mercury already conjoined this eclipse degree circa March 20/21, will do so again when retrograde on April 16, & once more when direct on May 5. Combined with the theme of this spring eclipse season, we’re asked to reorient our creative pursuits in order to release any stagnant non-productive energy & make way for something new—partnerships included. As always, we discuss also the specifics of where partners have come together to negotiate, compromise, & successfully change their attitudes toward each other, & where, sadly, people & nations are still at war. Given that the April 8 solar eclipse has both luminaries tightly conjunct wounded healer Chiron, we discuss as well how future healing may be possible since repercussions of the Libra Full Moon lunar eclipse last through November 20, 2024—the day the South Node conjoins the March 25 lunar eclipse degree. Which, btw, also happens to be the day after Pluto reenters Aquarius on November 19 for the next 19 years. If you’re ready to delve more deeply into the March 25 Libra Full Moon lunar eclipse’s already realized effects on partnerships AND learn what’s yet to come with the April 8 Aries New Moon Solar eclipse, then this podcast is a don’t miss! Join us anytime for more Astro News You Can Use, starting March 29, at KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM! Namaste… #
    58m 26s

    22 MAR 2024 · JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN @ KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM FOR THIS WEEK’S PODCAST EXPLORING THIS ECLIPSE’S MESSAGE THAT  AN OPPOSITIONAL “IT’S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY” ATTITUDE ONLY GETS YOU SO FAR, WHILE NEGOTIATION & COMPROMISE OF THE “TRY TO SEE IT MY WAY KIND” PROMISES A BETTER CHANCE FOR PEACE!  This Libra Full Moon lunar eclipse asks us to realize that true partnership takes hard work & the commitment now to release any romanticized notions that relationship can magically simply work--without some kind of realistic effort to empathize with those of opposing viewpoints.   The Beatles lyrics of “We Can Work It Out” come to mind:  “Try to see it my way, do I have to keep on talking till I can’t go on? If we see it your way, things may fall apart before too long…we can work it out, we can work it out…” But “can we work it out?” is the question as this Libra Full Moon lunar eclipse which occurs at 5’07 Libra at midnight PT & 3 a.m. ET March 25. Falling in the 9th House of law, immigration, morality, integrity, etc., & opposing the Aries Sun in the 3rd House of communication of the U.S. capitol illustrates the philosophical differences between those who prefer to duke it out with those who are willing to compromise for the sake of a higher purpose. The key lies with duking it out for the purpose of negotiating a compromise at this lunation, especially since both luminaries are waxing toward squares to Washington, D.C.’s 10’13” Capricorn/Cancer Ascendant/Descendant. This lunar eclipse has the Libra Moon standing alone against Aries Sun reminding it that independent action can only work for so long before some kind of partnership agreement can be reached. Negotiation & compromise is the only way to settle long term disputes in ways that may not make everyone joyous, but satisfies both parties enough in the end to forge a harmonious peace. This eclipse lunation is similar to the the Pisces New Moon on March 10 in that all of the planets are squished into a crowded conglomeration including from Jupiter in Taurus to Pluto in Aquarius. Back then, however, the Pisces Moon & Sun came together and were included in this fold, indicating both the possibility for a myopic focus in the negative sense, but also a strong sense of concentrated attention that could benefit specific areas of life.  Now, since the conglomeration of planets is almost exactly the same--with the exception of the Sun’s move into Aries on March 18 & Mars pending move into Pisces March 22—this eclipse lunation differs basically because the Libra Moon is now opposing the Aries Sun which resides within this group. So we have a situation where the Libra Moon’s plea for negotiation & compromise toward a peaceful resolution of disputes between partners can be recognized in stark contrast to the ideologies of Pluto in Aquarius, the impetus for war amongst the planets in Aries, including the Sun, Chiron, Mercury, & Eris (Mars’s sister in Greek mythology & the dwarf planet known as the goddess of discord & chaos), & the realization that we all share in the Piscean commitment to help those less fortunate than ourselves.   At this eclipse, the Libra Moon is separating from a trine to Pluto in Aquarius, & a quincunx to Mars in Pisces. The former denotes a potential agreement between partners through negotiation, the latter a necessary adjustment as Mars moves from ideological warrior in Aquarius to a more empathic & compassionate one in Pisces. That’s especially true as Venus now separates from Saturn in Pisces, a conjunction aspect that signifies commitment in partnership.  Today’s podcast, which drops at 11 a.m. PT & 2 p.m. ET 2 KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM, explores how we got here from there through a look back at this month’s lunar cycle since March 10 & the one from February 9, with a detailed discussion of what’s been revealed to us all since then & what needs to be released now.  Included in this is a look at GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s chart & how public perception has changed over time due to transiting Pluto’s quincunx to his Leo Ascendant & the royal star Regulus, & transiting Uranus’s approach to his Taurus Midheaven. Whether he pulls himself out of his current financial mess—which requires he post a $454 million bond by March 25, the day of the lunar eclipse—or not, we look at whether this portends further losses in public support for him… Don't miss this enlightening podcast! Namaste... #karmicevolution, #astronews, #astrologically speaking, #astronewsyoucanuse, #librafullmoonlunareclipse, #lunareclipse, #librafullmoon, #suninaries, #marsintopisces, #compromisedrelationships, #venussaturnconjunction, #plutoquincunxascendant, #uranusconjoinsmidheavent, #donaldtrumpschart
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    15 MAR 2024 ·  JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN @KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM FOR THE LATEST ASTRO NEWS YOU CAN USE AS WE MOVE OUT OF PISCEAN APATHY & INTO MARTIAL RESISTANCE WHEN THE SUN ENTERS ARIES AT THE SPRING EQUINOX MARCH 21! While Mercury’s in Mars-ruled Aries from March 9 through April 29—the sign through which he’ll next retrograde from April 1-25—expressions of angry impatience over world events such as those in Gaza may well continue to increase. This is especially true since Venus—in Pisces from March 9 through April 5—will join Mercury in Aries April 5 for the rest of his journey through that sign. What does this mean? Mercury rules not only communication, but siblings, local business & transportation, & “near neighborhoods,” including relatives like aunts, uncle, & cousins.  We can plainly see anger building over events this week around the too slow transportation of food & medicine into places like Gaza, where children are dying of malnutrition. Also in Haiti where more than a million children--a quarter of the population--are currently cut off from food and vital services due to the recent violence there, according to the charity Save The Children. In addition, many domestic legal “arguments” have been heard this week & will continue to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court during the period of these Mercury & Venus transits. Venus in Pisces, is exalted according to traditional astrology, , yes, but that doesn’t change its propensity for naivete or the ability to play the victim or the martyr—which as Howard Sasportas points out in his book “The Gods of Change” are really two sides of the same coin. So, as anger builds over the mistreatment of others (Mercury is in Mars-ruled Aries & Mars highest function is to defend & protect those weaker or unable to defend themselves), while the dissolution of women’s rights offends Venus as she travels first through Neptune-ruled Pisces but soon will move into Mars-ruled Aries as well, as noted. So, issues of women’s rights as they’ve been flowing down the drain since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs legal decision in June 2022 (Venus represents how we value feminine divine energy) have ignited a great deal of anger which is only likely to increase more openly when Venus transits through Aries soon. This week, however, the Sun conjoins Neptune March 17, making us all more prone to feel for the masses who need protection from harm because we’re able to relate to their victimization now. When the Sun moves into Aries March 21, such empathy may turn into action, as evidenced by Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer’s recent call for new elections in Israel--essentially to dethrone current right wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from power there. Sentiments of this sort are likely to increase as Mercury conjoins wounded healer Chiron in Aries March 20 & the likelihood for further commitment to empowerment for the downtrodden to increase may arrive when the Aries Sun sextiles Pluto in Aquarius (read: an opportunity for such empowerment) & Venus conjoins Saturn, an aspect of commitment & responsibility in relationships. Join us for more @Karmic Evolution Dot Com, when this latest podcast drops at 11 a.m. PT & 2 p.m. ET today--including Mars’s movement into Neptune ruled Pisces March 22 & Venus’s sextile to Jupiter March 24, as we move toward the upcoming March 25 Libra Full Moon solar eclipse! See you then! Namaste…
    59m 43s

    10 MAR 2024 · JOIN SHERI HORN HASAN @KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM ON MARCH 9 TO LEARN HOW THE MESSAGES OF THE LAST AQUARIUS NEW MOON FEBRUARY 9 LEAD US NOW TO PLANT SEEDS OF RECOGNITION THAT WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER AT THE PISCES NEW MOON! This week’s podcast reviews the deeper meaning of the last monthly lunar cycle (hint: it’s about learning that not all dreams are capable of becoming reality) & illustrates that when we’re in a time of confusion the Pisces New Moon phase will remind us that from chaos comes clarity! The Pisces New Moon, at 20-degrees 16-minutes Pisces at 2 a.m. PT & 5 a.m. ET March 10, has both luminaries sandwiched between planets in only four other signs—from Pluto at 1’27” Aquarius through Uranus at 19’52 Taurus, concentrating our energies now. On one hand we may be more myopic (read: more subjective than objective), but on the other more focused & better able to concentrate. However, with the Moon, Sun, Saturn, Neptune, and Hygeia--the goddess asteroid of health--all in Pisces, things have been murky for a while. As we emerge from the Aquarius New Moon square Uranus in Taurus cycle—which represented sudden shifts in our ideological values, particularly as they relate to our partnerships—we’ll soon be called to express empathy for others, especially since the Mercury/Neptune conjunction of March 8. We’re tasked now with releasing all wishful or fantastical thinking & grounding the planting of our new Moon seeds into caring for others through the knowledge that we are all one; all part of the greater collective’s energies; all brothers & sisters under the skin. With Juno, the goddess asteroid of partnership, opposing Saturn, however, this might not prove so easy. Some of this was illustrated at President Biden’s State of the Union address March 7, as we waxed toward March 8’s Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. While he expressed the urgency of March 9’s Mars/Uranus square by saying “I see a future of defending democracy where we protect our right to freedoms, not take them away,” the GOP rebuttal from Alabama Senator Katie Britt’s exposed to a wide audience the GOP’s more dystopian view. This ideological schism could not be wider and, though in play for quite some time now, it’s the Pisces New Moon that will remind us that “no man is an island, no man stands alone…each man’s joy is joy to me, each man’s grief is my own.” If we can get with that program, ideological differences can dissolve & true caring for our fellow human beings can rise to the surface… Join Sheri @ KARMIC EVOLUTION DOT COM for a look at these ongoing energies & for more Astro News You Can Use, including more about the greater messages this Pisces New Moon brings us all!
    57m 27s

Interested in astrology and how it really works? Want to know the truth about astrology & your soul’s karmic evolution? Karmic Evolution seeks to inform us all—through astrological insight—how we...

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Interested in astrology and how it really works? Want to know the truth about astrology & your soul’s karmic evolution?
Karmic Evolution seeks to inform us all—through astrological insight—how we may better our relationships, ascertain our true values, & find the courage to be who we truly came here to be...after all, isn’t that what life is really all about?
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