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Ask a Christian Counselor

  • When Prayer Doesn't Work

    13 AUG 2021 · Have you ever asked God for something but didn’t receive it? If we are honest, we all have. Yet prayer is not something similar to wishing on a star. There is nothing inherently wrong with asking God for things — sometimes we do get what we ask for. But a lot of times we don’t. It's heartbreaking when it’s something huge, like praying for healing from a serious illness or praying for some type of suffering to end. ​ A lot of people are hesitant about prayer. Some feel guilty that they don’t do it enough. Some have been let down by its results. What does it mean that “prayer changes things?” Also, what does it not mean? In this podcast, we will be discussing some insights on understanding the purpose of prayer and how to more deeply utilize prayer in your own faith journey.
    29m 18s
  • Join the Next Offering of the Pastoral Care Specialist Training Program

    13 AUG 2021 · In times of crisis, the first place many turn to is their local church or faith community. Studies show that 25% of those seeking help for mental illness first turn to a clergyperson. This is higher than the percentage of people who first go to a psychiatrist or medical doctor.* ​The ACPE Pastoral Care Specialist (PCS) Training Program is a 16 week, 48-hour live course providing the knowledge and skills pastoral caregivers in churches and faith communities need to help others effectively, ethically, and safely. Issues and topics covered include: ​ Ethics of Pastoral Care Marriage and Family Issues in Systemic Perspective Spiritual Assessment and Diagnosis Listening in the Service of Healing  Harmful Spirituality and Spiritual Struggles Grief, Loss, and Resilience Mental Health and the Role of the Faith Community Understanding and Responding Effectively to Domestic Violence  Trauma-Informed Spiritual Care Substance Abuse, Addiction, and the Role of the Faith Community  ​ The PCS Training program is a new curriculum developed by the Psychotherapy Commission of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). The course will be taught by Tres Adames, MDiv, BCPC who currently serves on the ACPE Psychotherapy Commission and is co-chair of the Pastoral Care Specialist Task Force.  Apply at:
    3m 44s
  • Quick Announcement

    31 DEC 2020 · The early bird rate of $300 for the Pastoral Care Specialist Training Program ends on January 1st, 2021. Learn more and apply at:
    2m 3s
  • Self-Care in the Age of COVID

    10 OCT 2020 · Since the pandemic began, one-third of Americans are now suffering from anxiety, stress, and/or depression. In this episode, we discuss practical ways to implement self-care to better our mental health and spiritual life. Faithful Counseling provides confidential one-on-one counseling with Christian licensed therapists. Get 10% off your first month: This is an affiliate link — when you click the link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
    20m 2s
  • Get Trained in Biblical Counseling

    8 SEP 2020 · The Biblical Counseling Master Course,™ our flagship 6-hour video course in biblical counseling, will be closing to new students this Wednesday, September 9th, 2020. You (or a friend) still have the chance to enroll for only $59. Will I still have access after Wednesday? YES. All students currently enrolled by Wednesday will still have lifetime access. After Wednesday, NO NEW STUDENTS will be able to enroll. Why is it closing to new students? The course is currently being updated with new research and materials and will be broken into 4-5 smaller courses that will individually sell for much higher. These courses will create a larger curriculum that will lead to a future certification program for Christian pastoral counselors, lay counselors, and professional counselors. Will the course still be applicable toward future certification? YES. All students who are enrolled in the Biblical Counseling Master Course™ and complete it will be grandfathered into the new program and will be eligible for the certification program when it launches in 2021. Additional courses (to be announced) may also be required, but 6 hours of credit from the course will be applied. If you still haven't enrolled, now is the time to do so. If you are already enrolled, send this email to a friend or colleague you know that might be interested. LAST CHANCE TO ENROLL WILL BE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH! ENROLL NOW:
    4m 36s
  • Quick Announcement

    23 AUG 2020 · Several of our resources are currently on sale at: Offers end Monday, August 24th at midnight.
    3m 7s
  • Building Healthy Community

    8 AUG 2020 · In this episode, Tres talks with Pastor Gina Pollard from City Square Church in Phoenix, Arizona on the topic of building healthy community. We focus on this topic as it relates to the local church from a scriptural perspective as well as insights from family systems theory.
    36m 59s
  • Living by Grace

    18 JUN 2020 · In this episode, we discuss how grace not only saves the Christian, but allows them to grow as believers. Many struggle with legalism and works righteousness which can stall growth spiritually and even emotionally. We discuss how to press into God's grace so you can find hope and healing.
    23m 12s
  • Can a Narcissist Change?

    27 MAY 2020 · On this episode, we interview Brooks Gibson, a pastoral counselor with Arizona Christian Counseling. We discuss personality disorders, with an emphasis on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and approach the subject from a Christian perspective.
    22m 10s
  • Happy Again: Freedom from Anxiety and Depression

    2 MAY 2020 · In this special episode, we share a free audio course on finding hope for anxiety and depression. In years past, this course was a paid resource, but in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has now been made available for free to our listeners. Download the notes and worksheets on our website.
    1h 26m 25s

Tres Adames is a Christian Counselor in Phoenix, Arizona who helps others grow deeper spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally in their relationship with God and other people. Visit the website at:...

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Tres Adames is a Christian Counselor in Phoenix, Arizona who helps others grow deeper spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally in their relationship with God and other people. Visit the website at:
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