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Arroe Collins View From The Writing Instrument

  • Stage And Film Actor Jason Butler Harner From The Movie Edge Of Everything

    22 JUN 2024 · Abby (Sierra McCormick), a teenager on the cusp of turning 15, is at a delicate moment in her life, straddling the line between childhood and adulthood. When her mother dies, she is forced to move in with her father (Jason Butler Harner) and his younger girlfriend (Sabrina Friedman-Seitz). Feeling alone in the world and struggling to process her loss, she explores new personas, drugs and sexual experiences that she thinks will empower her and create a sense of control. In a collision between new friendships, old ones and her relationship with her distant father, Abby fights to find her footing in her new reality. Here's the trailer: 
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  • Apple Music's Jayde Donovan Covers The Top 100 Albums Of All Time

    22 JUN 2024 · Apple Music announced the release of its 100 Best Albums of all time, a celebratory list of the greatest records ever made, crafted by Apple Music's team of experts alongside a select group of artists, including Maren Morris, Pharrell Williams, J Balvin, Charli XCX, Mark Hoppus, Honey Dijon, and Nia Archives, as well as songwriters, producers, and industry professionals. The list is an editorial statement — fully independent of any streaming numbers on Apple Music, and a love letter to the records that have shaped the world we live and listen in. Apple Music is bringing its 100 Best Albums to life with a countdown celebration, revealing 10 albums each day for the next 10 days, along with a brand-new 100 Best microsite, new and exclusive content, dedicated Apple Music radio episodes, and so much more. To accompany the list, the dedicated microsite will update every day of the countdown, making it easy for listeners to follow along. Available at, the new 100 Best microsite spotlights in-depth analysis of each album, archival interviews, and more.
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  • The Daily Mess Taming Your Inner Emotional Vampire

    22 JUN 2024 · Being a moody person seems to be the new acceptable. Showing your emotions, wearing them on your sleeve. But when is it too much and how can you reimage your identity?
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  • Special Forces Veteran Tu Lam Releases The Way Of The Ronin Defyng The Odds On Battlefields

    22 JUN 2024 · From Special Forces veteran and internationally respected teacher of Ronin Tactics to streaming and videogame fan favorite, Tu Lam's memoir will captivate, astonish, exhilarate, and even profoundly resonate. Tu Lam has become known not just for his accomplishments as a decorated Green Beret, but also for his work outside the military, including:  * Training citizens and law enforcement professionals all over the country . Providing aid to both active and retired soldiers with physical and mental health issues . * Co-hosting the History Channel's Forged in Fire: Knife or Death . * Appearing in and contributing to the world's bestselling video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare In The Way of Rōnin, he reveals his against-all-odds story. Tu Lam's resilience, dedication, and relentless pursuit of freedom saw him achieving Full Spectrum US Special Operations across twenty-seven countries worldwide for more than twenty years, only to pay the price of his own physical and mental trauma as well as addiction. That decision led him to more than two decades of grueling instruction in every facet of the special forces, then deployment to war and conflict zones-all while channeling his inner anger in secret underground no-holds barred fighting matches. When he finally retired from the military after more than two decades, his demons caught up with him, leading to years of addiction. But even that didn't defeat him. Confronting his demons, he emerged triumphant. Now he shares the gripping details and riveting intricacies of this awe-inspiring journey. Tu Lam's life is, at times, all too real, and at many others times, almost unbelievable.
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  • Something Our Parents Would Say Episode Seven Fight Or Flight

    21 JUN 2024 · Those old sayings. Who what where when and how? Some of those old sayings are not only ancient but still carry an impact today. One of them? Fight or flight.
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  • The Choice Clearing Your Heart From The Anxiety Of Summer

    21 JUN 2024 · Summer may look beautiful with all it's sunlight and adventure but it's very heavy on millions of people's lives and ambitions.
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  • Singer Songwriter And Creator Of Blondie Chris Stein Releases The Book Under A Rock

    21 JUN 2024 · Debbie Harry defined iconic band Blondie's look. Chris Stein―her performing partner, lover, and lifelong friend―was its architect and defined its sound. Parallel Lines, their third album, catapulted to #1, sold 20 million copies, and launched singles like "Heart of Glass", "Hangin' On the Telephone," and "One Way or Another", providing the beat when Bianca Jagger and Halston danced at Studio 54 and the soundtrack to every 1970's punk-soundtracked romance. Chris Stein knows how to tell a story. Under A Rock is his nothing-spared autobiography. It's about the founding of the band, ascending to the heights of pop success, and the hazards of fortune. Famous names march through these pages―Warhol, Bowie, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and more-but you can get famous names anywhere. What you can't get anywhere else is a plunge into the moments that made a giant 1980's artistic sensation. Stein takes us there in this revelatory, propulsive, distinctive memoir.
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  • Singer Songwriter Kelsey Hart Cranks Up Music's Heat With Burn My Summer

    21 JUN 2024 · Hart keeps the country tradition alive with originals honoring his wife and father, alongside cleverly penned odes to heartbreak, longnecks and backroads. The centerpiece of the album, however, arrives in the form of the viral title-cut (Life With You), the Kentucky native’s real-life first-dance wedding song and current radio single. With more than half a dozen selections from the upcoming record already in the hands of fans, “Burn My Summer” gives listeners a taste of the album’s opening track. Hart strikes a match on the red-hot anthem, doused with longing, as he ignites an unforgettable June-to-August romance. The sizzling sun-drenched offering serves up another glimpse into the newcomer’s believable vocal and hard-driving live performance as it blazes a trail toward the singer/songwriter’s debut. After initially teasing the project’s title-cut on his social platforms, Hart’s ballad immediately struck a chord, generating tens of millions of views and thousands of new followers and creates in a matter of days as fans swiftly started using the song to soundtrack meaningful moments in their lives. Upon release, “Life With You” debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Country Digital Songs Chart and promptly skyrocketed on socials. The viral hit recently secured the No. 1 spot on SiriusXM The Highway’s Hot 30 Weekend Countdown.  
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  • The Creator Of The Red Line Walt Gragg Returns With Another Thriller The Long November

    20 JUN 2024 · What started as a military coup in Pakistan has ignited South Asia and threatens to spread to the world's largest democracy in India. American and British allies struggle to rescue Western civilians who have been cut off in Islamabad. What starts as a desperate race turns into a grim siege. But the fate of a few innocents pales in comparison to one inescapable fact: Pakistan is a nuclear power and some of those weapons are unaccounted for. Gripping and thought-provoking, THE LONG NOVEMBER is perfect for fans of Brad Thor and Larry Bond. I’d love to know if you might be interested in covering the book or Walt. 
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    The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 285

    8 MAR 2022 · I could spend hours studying the effects of water and wind. How a one time sheet of glass glamorously paints the portrait of fall colors then swiftly evolves into a series of ripples by a restless wind. It's as if Mother Nature has sent out a message of her portraits being for a limited time. As people we endlessly send out signals. Body language! What our body is performer may not be what it's physically projecting. What is seen from afar versus what is truly heard are two different shapes of communication. Body language to a receiver is solely based on assumption. Because your body is saying this doesn't mean that's the vocal message. I've learned to work with the wind. To mess up the calm and give those watching waves of new beginnings. I see myself in two different places, on Undercover Boss and on Tik Tok. Camera's are always watching. No step is taken without body language. What is your body saying to other people? The worse part about it is how it's not what others are reading.
I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author

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