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  • Ben Dusing From Free Store At The Front Kherson Ukraine Episode Six Fast Food USA

    18 MAY 2024 · The geography speaks for itself. The bad guys are just kilometers away, across the river. We are the only international (or locals) with a brick and mortar office downtown, for them to go for help. No assistance from govt unless elderly, and the assistance they get is shit. Office safe from “normal” shelling (tank fire, most mortars). Glide bombs and attack drones are new since Ukrainians landed on other side and have beachhead. Quietly, that is a total massacre over there — poorly kept secret here. can’t do much about the big stuff … if we get hit with a glide bomb we’re fucked. I like our chances. Mon wed Friday the FREE STORE AT THE FRONT is open at our office. Basic foods medicines hygiene and winter clothes. Mondays we run bread into insanely dangerous places by the Antonivky bridge, do other stuff like that. Off the radar. For city admin. We are an important “off the books asset” for them.
    19m 25s
  • The Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame's John Oates Announces A New Album And The Song Reunion

    18 MAY 2024 · Reunion to be released on May 17th. Oates says, "The idea for writing a song about a 'Reunion' came to me when I began to think about the true definition of the word. It came together when my 100-year-old father told me that he was making ready to be together with my mother, who had passed away some time ago. I wanted to write about the idea of reconnecting with the most essential part of our soul and our spirit. I brought the idea to a co-writing session with a newfound friend, A.J. Croce, a man with songwriting in his DNA and who is both an amazing piano player and someone who I sensed would relate to this idea. The song flowed out in a few hours. Then I took it home and translated it into a style that I could perform on guitar. We recorded it in Nashville with some of my best friends and were able to capture the truth as I envisioned it to be. I hope it means as much to you as it does to me, and if that is so, then this is my personal definition of a 'hit'". CLICK HERE to watch live performance of "Reunion": 
    5m 46s
  • Emmy Nominated Producer Alex Fumero Returns With Season 2 Of The Podcast More Than A Movie

    18 MAY 2024 · On this season of More Than a Movie, host Alex Fumero takes us through some of our favorite films that have impacted Latino Cinema. From Andy Garcia's 1990 breakout role in Godfather III to Natalie Morales's 2021 double directorial debut with Plan B and Language Lessons, this podcast looks at the story behind the story of Latino movies over the last several decades. Every episode will reveal something about the movie you didn't know, feature interviews with the biggest actors, directors, writers and producers behind them, and tap into the history of Latinos in film. Episodes here: 
    18m 17s
  • Bee Whisperer Lance Davis From Earth XTV's The Killer Bee Catcher

    18 MAY 2024 · Lance Davis and his team extract and relocate not only infestations of honeybees, but also swarms of tens of thousands of aggressive and dangerous Africanized “Killer Bees.” While Killer Bees are extremely dangerous in swarms, Africanized “Killer Bees” are actually a savior to our world. Bee populations are in peril on the planet. Killer Bees are more impervious to climate change and predators than regular honeybees, and they replicate as much as 17 times per year, versus regular honey bees which replicate 2-3 times per year. So, the Killer Bees pollinate our food supply at an enormously more powerful rate, which in turn feeds animals, birds, insects and people.
    8m 35s
  • Investigative Reporter Craig Whitlock From The Washington Post Releases The Shocking Fat Leonard

    17 MAY 2024 · FAT LEONARD: #1 New York Times bestselling author Craig Whitlock's masterful account of one of the biggest public corruption scandals in American history-exposing how a charismatic Malaysian defense contractor bribed scores of high-ranking military officers, defrauded the US Navy of tens of millions of dollars, and jeopardized our nation's security. All the admirals in the US Navy knew Leonard Glenn Francis-either personally or by his legendary reputation. He was the larger-than-life defense contractor who greeted them on the pier whenever they visited ports in Asia, ready to show them a good time after weeks at sea while his company resupplied their ships and submarines. He was famed throughout the fleet for the gluttonous parties he hosted for officers: $1,000-per-person dinners at Asia's swankiest restaurants, featuring unlimited Dom Pérignon, Cuban cigars, and sexy young women. On the surface, with his flawless American accent, he seemed like a true friend of the Navy. What the brass didn't realize, until far too late, was that Francis had seduced them by exploiting their entitlement and hubris. While he was bribing them with gifts, lavish meals, and booze-fueled orgies, he was making himself obscenely wealthy by bilking American taxpayers. Worse, he was stealing military secrets from under the admirals' noses and compromising national security. Based on reams of confidential documents-including the blackmail files that Francis kept on Navy officers-FAT LEONARD is the full, unvarnished story of a world-class con man and a captivating testament to the corrosive influence of greed within the ranks of the American military. "Explosive, brilliantly reported and meticulously documented, Craig Whitlock's Fat Leonard reads like a thriller but depicts one of the most sordid chapters in U.S. military history, a tale of brazen corruption that soiled the Navy and is an infuriating insult to the American taxpayer. You won't be able to put this book down, and you won't stop wondering how it could have happened."-David E. Hoffman, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Billion Dollar Spy "A relentless investigative reporter, Craig Whitlock has unearthed the truly jaw-dropping story the U.S. Navy hoped you'd never learn: how a master operator and defense contractor named Fat Leonard wined, dined and blackmailed senior Navy brass so they would help him bilk taxpayers of millions of dollars. This book has the receipts, down to the names of the sex clubs, the menus for the $30,000 dinners, and Fat Leonard's own confessions."-Carol Leonnig, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service
    18m 31s
  • Farm Aid's Farmer Services Network Manager Alexandria War Mental Health For Farmers

    17 MAY 2024 · Alexandria is Farm Aid’s Farmer Services Network Manager, where she is excited to carry on and support Farm Aid’s work, developing and connecting a robust network of Farmer Services organizations and individuals. Alexandria comes to the Farm Aid team from a varied background in food systems. Most recently Alexandria worked in the farmers market world where she supported a large network of farmers and producers in the Mid-Atlantic. Her work has also included academic research, policy, and advocacy. Alexandria is constantly inspired by the farmers in this country, and the individuals and organizations that have worked tirelessly to support small scale agriculture, and sustainable and equitable food systems. In her free time Alexandria enjoys biking, reading, listening to music, and sharing good food with friends.
    11m 3s
  • Emmy Award Winning Investigative Journalist Scott Weinberger Host Of The Podcast Cold Blooded

    17 MAY 2024 · With a smile and optimism that epitomizes South Florida in the 1980s, Billy Halpern is the last person anyone expects to find brutally murdered. Six months after his body is found, throat slit ear-to-ear in a professional execution-style hit, the investigation goes cold. When his best friend and girlfriend turn up dead, investigators realize Billy might have been caught up in a larger scheme involving the city's most dangerous criminals, local wise guy and mob associate Bert Christie and decorated ex-cop Gil Fernandez. Despite circumstantial evidence tying a growing list of crimes back to Christie and Fernandez, the murders go unsolved for years. Decades later, investigative journalist and former cop Scott Weinberger and Detective Danny Smith agree to work together to solve this murder mystery. Ultimately, this yearlong investigation will expose the true motive behind this killing spree and uncover new evidence including the DNA of the killer. Justice for Billy Halpern is just a listen away. Episodes available here: 
    17m 7s
  • Award Winning Travel Writer Chris Epting Releases Lost Landmarks Of Orange County

    16 MAY 2024 · Since forming in 1889, Orange County, California has become famous all over the world for being home to such popular attractions as Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But there are also many other places that helped establish the county as not just a popular tourist destination, but also home to countless cultural landmarks that served the local communities for generations. Stretching across the 34 cities that comprise "The OC," Lost Landmarks of Orange County brings back fabulous memories of music venues, restaurants, theaters, theme parks, attractions, and more. Everybody knows the aforementioned Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, but Orange County was also home to Lion Country Safari, the California Alligator Farm, the Buffalo Ranch, Japanese Village and Deer Park, Movieland Wax Museum, the Orange County International Raceway, and many other large-scale attractions. Concert venues including the Golden Bear, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, and the Cuckoo's Nest all featured some of the biggest names in rock and roll and popular music. Tiki bars, airports, drive-in movie theaters, themed restaurants . . . these were the places where generations of OC natives and visitors from around the world created memories that would last a lifetime. Today, all of these locations are gone, but utilizing firsthand accounts, rare photos, artifacts, and other resources, Lost Landmarks of Orange County keeps the colorful memories of Orange County’s past alive. 
    18m 7s
  • Award Winning Author Jas Hammonds Returns With Thirsty

    16 MAY 2024 · Jas Hammond’s debut novel, WE DESERVE MONUMENTS won the Coretta Scott King John Steptoe Award for New Talent, received B&N YA Book Award shortlist recognition, and garnered acclaim as a “Best Book of the Year” by BuzzFeed, People, Parents, Amazon, and more. THIRSTY, their      second YA novel, explores society’s normalization of alcoholism through protagonist, Blake, who’s trying to gain admittance into an elite sorority while coming to terms with her alcohol addiction.     It’s the summer before college and eighteen-year-old Blake Brenner and her girlfriend, Ella, have one goal: join the mysterious and exclusive Serena Society. The sorority promises status and lifelong connections to a network of powerful, trailblazing women of color. Ella’s acceptance is a sure thing—she’s the daughter of a Serena alum. Blake, however, has a lot more to prove. As a former loner from a working-class background, Blake lacks Ella’s pedigree and confidence. Luckily, she finds courage at the bottom of a liquor bottle. When she drinks, she’s bold, funny, and unstoppable—and the Serenas love it. But as pledging intensifies, so does Blake’s drinking, until it’s seeping into every corner of her life. Ella assures Blake that she’s fine; partying hard is what it takes to make the cut . . . But success has never felt so much like drowning. With her future hanging in the balance and her past dragging her down, Blake must decide how far she’s willing to go to achieve her glittering dreams of success—and how much of herself she’s willing to lose in the process.
    11m 2s
  • Emmy Award Director Kristen Lappas Brings Us Full Court Press On NBC And ESPN

    16 MAY 2024 · Full Court Press – a new original series streaming on ESPN+ beginning May 11 -- chronicles the ongoing journeys of senior Iowa guard Caitlin Clark, senior South Carolina center Kamilla Cardoso and sophomore UCLA guard Kiki Rice. From Iowa’s historic preseason game that broke attendance records all the way through the WNBA draft in April, the series uses unparalleled access, exclusive interviews, and unique game footage to transport audiences into the lives of these exceptional athletes. Full Court Press follows them as they steer their celebrated programs towards a national championship, all while navigating the pressures that come with representing the game during a pivotal era in women’s basketball. Full Court Press followed these three players throughout this record-breaking season, capturing Kamilla Cardoso’s game-winning three-pointer to send South Carolina to the SEC Championship; Kiki Rice’s experiences as the first college athlete to have an NIL deal with Jordan brand; and Caitlin Clark becoming the all-time leading scorer in NCAA women’s basketball and the all-time leading scorer in NCAA collegiate basketball history. The show takes audiences from Paris to Brazil, from sold-out arenas in Baton Rouge to Iowa City for the biggest matchups, offering a window into this unique moment in the history of the sport. Emmy Award-winning director Kristen Lappas (daughter of Steve Lappas, former basketball coach at both Villanova and Manhattan College and current CBS Sports analyst) produced eight installments of ESPN’s acclaimed 30 for 30 series and directed the 30 for 30 multi-part series Dream On about the 1996 gold-medal-winning U.S. women’s basketball team. She won Emmys for her short sports docs Blackfeet Boxing: Not Invisible, A Mountain to Climb and her short film Arthur was adapted into a movie starring Mark Wahlberg and premieres in 2024. 
    7m 37s
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