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  • Adventism's Impact on Mainstream Cinema | ANN In-Depth

    15 APR 2024 · Join us in this episode of ANN In-Depth as host Sam Neves and Kyle Portbury, director of "The Hopeful,” discuss the profound influence of Seventh-day Adventism in cinema. Explore the historical and modern contributions of Adventist pioneers to the film industry, highlighting stories of faith, resilience, and hope that continue to inspire audiences worldwide.All this and more in this week’s episode of ANN In-Depth.
    39m 32s
  • The Art of Storytelling in "The Hopeful" | ANN In-Depth

    8 APR 2024 · Join us on ANN In-Depth as we sit down with Kyle Portbury, Emmy Award-winning director of "The Hopeful." Kyle shares insights into the journey of creating a film that narrates the struggles and faith of early Adventist members, emphasizing the importance of storytelling in sharing the Adventist message. Discover the challenges and triumphs of bringing such a pivotal story to life, and the collaborative effort behind making "The Hopeful" resonate with audiences worldwide.
    42m 38s
  • The Process and Importance of Strengthening Doctrine | ANN In-Depth

    18 MAR 2024 · In this episode of ANN In-Depth, Sam Neves welcomes Pavel Goia, Associate Ministerial Secretary, for a conversation about doctrines defense and the process of strengthening through prayer and Bible study. They explore how pastors play a role in preserving the solidity of believers' faith, strengthening the understanding of the Adventist vision. All this and more in this week’s episode of ANN In-Depth.
    30m 58s
  • Aiding Adventist Pastors in Their Mission: The Role of the Ministerial Association| ANN In-Depth

    19 FEB 2024 · In this week's episode of ANN In-Depth, host Sam Neves engages in a conversation with Pavel Goia, Associate Ministerial Secretary, discussing the role of pastors and elders in the Adventist Church and the support provided to these spiritual leaders in carrying out their ministry. Episode highlights: - The function of the Ministerial Association is to represent and support pastors. - The diversity of ministerial contexts experienced by pastors. - The significance of Ministry Magazine and its global expansion. - The accessibility and digital resources of Ministry Magazine, including integrated research for pastoral studies. - The emphasis is on training and involving all church members in the mission of evangelization. - The responsibility of pastors in leading, training, and motivating church members.
    22m 31s
  • 160,000 Adventist Churches Worldwide Encouraged to Serve

    29 JAN 2024 · In this episode of ANN In-Depth, host Sam Neves and Fylvia, manager of Vivid Faith, explore the contribution of the 160,000 local Adventist churches to the global mission through service and evangelism. The conversation highlights the different types of groups within the Adventist community and their roles in spreading the message about the soon return of Jesus. Sam and Fylvia share personal experiences and challenges faced when it comes to encouraging members to actively engage in ministry. They also discuss the balance of living a relevant Christian life both outside and within the church.
    28m 46s
  • Vivid Faith: Adventist missionary advance in global perspective

    22 JAN 2024 · In this episode of ANN In-Depth, Sam Neves and Fylvia Kline, responsible for Vivid Faith, discuss the missionary spirit present in the members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and how it aligns with Vivid Faith. The conversation also addresses the importance of creating service opportunities, given the number of volunteers willing to contribute and how Vivid Faith facilitates connections between missionaries and entities needing assistance. Furthermore, Fylvia explains how Vivid Faith operates and discusses its challenges.
    26m 57s
  • Connection of Belief, Behavior, and Theology with James Kim | ANN In-Depth

    15 JAN 2024 · On this episode of ANN In-Depth: Sam Neves andspecial guest, Justin Kim, editor of the Adventist Review, discuss the relationship between belief, behavior, and theology.They outline the importance of understanding and applying biblical truths in our daily lives. Justin Kim also shares his perspective on studying Scripture, tackling how apologetics plays a crucial role in rationalizing faith, additionally, he explores the potential of artificial intelligence in making religious content more accessible and its role in breaking language barriers. Explore a deeper understanding of faith’s role in shaping
    29m 49s
  • The Adventist Review Legacy | ANN In-Depth

    8 JAN 2024 · In this episode of ANN In-Depth: Sam Neves and Justin Kim explore the remarkable journey of the Adventist Review, the flagship journal of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Celebrating 175 years, the magazine has been instrumental in unifying and strengthening faith among believers. Current editor Justin Kim, recounts the history, its inception by Ellen White in 1848, its role in disseminating key doctrines, and its evolution to meet modern needs. Discover how 'Adventist World' connects global believers and the exciting new media ventures like 'Adventist Review TV' and podcasts 'Counterscript', 'In Review', and ‘Front Pew’. Learn how these initiatives continue to prepare Adventists for Jesus' return, while fostering transparency and inspiring mission work.
    18m 19s
  • Religious Liberty and Human Dignity: A Deep Dive with Ganoune Diop | ANN In-Depth

    1 JAN 2024 · On this episode of ANN In-Depth, Sam Neves interviews Ganoune Diop, director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.Episode highlights: - The historical journey of religious liberty within the Adventist Church - The pivotal moment in 1888 when Adventists opposed Congress bills imposing Sunday worship - The interconnectedness of religious freedom and human dignity, the impact of merging religion with politics, and the role of religion in shaping moral values in society Watch this episode as Diop emphasizes the significance of seeing every human as a sacred being created in God's image, shaping our understanding of human value beyond mere status or achievements. Dive into these compelling discussions on religious liberty's role across different cultures and its vital importance in upholding the dignity and rights of all individuals.
    44m 46s
  • Silvia Sicalo Part 2: Navigating the Global Gathering

    25 DEC 2023 · Silvia Sicalo joins Sam Neves on ANN In-Depth to discuss a detailed overview of the intricate process behind organizing international meetings. From Executive Committee sessions to the Adventist Technology Summit, discover the logistics, challenges, and transformative impact of these gatherings on Church activities worldwide. Gain insights into the evolution of meeting formats, logistical details, and future plans, including the upcoming events in Thailand. This podcast delves deep into the ministry of organizing meetings that propel the Seventh-day Adventist Church forward.
    19m 23s

ANN In-Depth is hosted by Pastor Sam Neves, the associate director in the Communication Department of the Adventist World Church. This thought-provoking podcast provides an Adventist perspective on current events,...

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ANN In-Depth is hosted by Pastor Sam Neves, the associate director in the Communication Department of the Adventist World Church. This thought-provoking podcast provides an Adventist perspective on current events, difficult topics, and innovative ideas, featuring valuable insights from credible scholars and leaders within the Adventist community. Whether you are a lifelong Adventist or a curious listener, ANN In-Depth is an essential listen. ANN In-Depth is an ANN production, the official news source for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
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