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  • My Hero Academia S6 E25: No Man Is An Island

    1 APR 2023 · It's season finale time! J Scotty and Zuhair talk about My Hero Academia's sixth season finale and address some news and listener feedback!
    25m 11s
  • Explicit

    Star Wars The Bad Batch S2 Finale E15 + E16

    31 MAR 2023 · The 2-episode Bad Batch finale has us gutted and devasted, but ultimately entertained. Now streaming on Disney Plus!
    47m 56s
  • Pixar's Elemental Official Trailer Reaction

    28 MAR 2023 · Pixar released an official trailer for Elemental, giving more insight into the characters, story and world of Element City - Zuhair and J Scotty are here to give their quick reactions! Elemental is due to hit theaters June 16, 2023.
    12m 40s
  • My Hero Academia S6 E24: A Young Woman's Declaration

    25 MAR 2023 · My Hero Academia's sixth season continues it's march toward it's finale with another emotionally resonate entry - the Animation Deliberation trio breaks it down with their reactions! Now streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu
    26m 29s
  • Star Wars Bad Batch S2 E14: Tipping Point

    24 MAR 2023 · As Bad Batch Season 2 nears its end, we dissect the latest episode and tackle a big batch of listener feedback!
    38m 21s
  • Explicit

    My Hero Academia S6 E23: Deku vs Class A

    18 MAR 2023 · Emotions and stakes are high as we near the end of My Hero Academia Season 6. Join us as we gush about Episode 23: Deku vs Class A!
    33m 55s
  • Star Wars The Bad Batch S2: E13: Pabu

    17 MAR 2023 · Zuhair, Andrew and J Scotty deliberate the latest installment of the Bad Batch's second season, now streaming on Disney Plus!
    25m 19s
  • Star Wars The Bad Batch S2 E12: Outpost

    11 MAR 2023 · Hayley Hobbs from the Source Pages: A Reading Collective podcast joins us to breaking down this chilling crosshair episode.
    40m 4s
  • Explicit

    My Hero Academia S6 E22: Friends

    10 MAR 2023 · Living up to the episode's title, friends, Zuhair and Andrew, join forces to chat about the recent entry of My Hero Academia Season 6, with episode 22: Friends.
    30m 55s
  • Explicit

    Demon Slayer: To The Swordsmith Village

    8 MAR 2023 · Commence Weeb Breathing.The first episode of Demon Slayer's third season, The Swordsmith Village Arc, is now in theaters! The Animation Deliberation Corps is here in full force to offer their reactions to the cinematic experience. We also tackle some news including the Crunchyroll Anime Award recipients.
    54m 34s
A podcast dedicated to discussing and celebrating the best action focused animated series, cartoons and films.

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