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And One More Thing with Tiffany

  • Amanda Seales x Club Shay Shay & The Importance of Boundaries

    3 MAY 2024 · Amanda Seales sat down with Shannon Sharpe on the 'Club Shay Shay' podcast to discuss being misunderstood, autism, racism, relationships and past experiences with Issa Rae, black media and more… And you guessed it, there was controversy surrounding this interview. Amanda Seales is undeniably talented, but critics say she is difficult to work with, plays victim, lacks tact, self awareness and doesn’t respect others boundaries. Others argue Shannon Sharpe was unprepared, his interview style was unwelcoming, he invalidated her experiences and interrogated her.  So what's the truth? Is everybody struggling to respect Amanda’s authenticity or is Amanda struggling with respecting others? Let's talk about it! 
    34m 19s
  • GOAT Debate: Kendrick Lamar ‘Like That’ Diss Against J Cole & Drake, Drake Responds?

    12 APR 2024 · 🎤🔥 Kendrick vs. Drake vs. J Cole! We discuss Kendrick Lamar's controversial 'Like That' verse, taking shots at Drake & J Cole and debate who's the real GOAT? 🐐 Is Kendrick's absence hurting his claim? 🤔 Or does his past work speak volumes? Is Drake’s longevity and top hits enough? And is J Cole even in the discussion anymore after his apology? 🤷‍♂️ Things get heated, hilarious, and real as we break it all down!  I also touch on Joe Budden spilling tea on Drake's alleged 'nuclear' response being released soon. He said Drake went nuclear 😱 We shall see…
    53m 20s
  • Fani Willis Disqualification Hearings: Trump Election Fraud Case

    30 MAR 2024 · D.A. Fani Willis' relationship with Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor she hired, led to a hearing on whether D.A. Fani Willis should be disqualified from the Trump Election Interference case. But is this really about attempting to humiliate and humble a strong, educated, successful career woman who dared to call out/challenge Trump? I’m kind of seeing a pattern and wondering if some have an unhealthy obsession with trying to humble others…
    23m 45s
  • Voices of Impact: Celebrating Black Excellence

    18 FEB 2024 · It's Black History Month! So let's pay tribute to some of the remarkable contributions of Black men and women - Maya Angelou, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Shirley Chisholm, and Michelle Obama. Tune in for inspiring stories of resilience, triumphs, creativity, and innovation!
    22m 47s
  • Katt Williams Club Shay Shay Interview: Is it beneficial or detrimental to comedy?

    20 JAN 2024 · Katt Williams is obviously a talented individual, but some say he crossed the line with his latest Club Shay Shay interview. On this episode we break it all down !
    1h 4m 9s
  • Growth, Goals & Fear 2024: Pt. 2

    30 DEC 2023 · Pt. 2 Let's reflect on 2023 and get ready for 2024!
    8m 47s
  • Growth, Goals & Faith 2024: Year End Review Pt. 1

    17 DEC 2023 · Let's reflect on 2023 and get ready for 2024! Growth, Goals & Faith
    13m 8s
  • Navigating Success and Challenges in Life with Christianity

    23 NOV 2023 · On this episode I have a conversation with my guest Ashleigh, creator of Spending Time with Jesus to discuss her faith, overcoming trials, trusting in God and throughout our conversation we navigate the highs and lows of faith, obedience, and the incredible healing power of God and prayer. I’m hoping our conversation will bless someone because so many gems were shared.
    58m 37s
  • Explicit

    The Current State of The Female Rap Game: Sexxy Red, Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion

    13 NOV 2023 · On this episode we dive into the powerful presence of women in the rap industry and the transformation of explicit lyrics. We all love (well some of us) some good ratchet tunes every now and then. And there is no shortage of that type of music in the current female rap game. But should this music be mainstream? From the OG's like Lil' Kim, Khia, and Foxy Brown to today's trailblazers like Sexy Red, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion – how much has truly changed over the years? Listener discretion is advised
    24m 18s
  • Jada's New Memoir 'Worthy': Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith Separated? Soulmate is Tupac? Oscar Slap? Let's Discuss...

    20 OCT 2023 · On this episode I discuss with a few friends Jada Pinkett Smith's latest memoir 'Worthy' and all of the controversy surronding it. Is Jada wrong for speaking about her marriage and relationship with Tupac? And is Will Smith the victim of it all? We discuss on this episode...
    42m 55s
Listen to informative and entertaining conversations with Tiffany and her guests. And as always, Tiffany seems to always have "One More Thing" to say.

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