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Agile Business Day 2019

  • 38m 37s
  • Stop giving feedback! - ABD19 - Jenni Jepsen *ITA

    7 NOV 2019 · [Versione ITALIANA del Talk] Training people to give feedback better doesn’t bring the results we want because the receiver must be willing to accept it. In fact, telling people how they can improve may actually stop people from improving. So, rather than figuring out how to get better at giving feedback, we need to solve for asking for feedback instead (perhaps, even begging for it!). That’s what creating an ask-for-feedback culture is all about. Jenni will share the latest neuroscience about feedback. Learn how our brains react to feedback, and how you can change the way you treat feedback to continuously improve yourself and your organization. Speaker: Jenni Jepsen
    41m 48s
  • Deliver great products across the 5 Dimensions of product innovation - ABD19 - Valerio Zanini *ITA

    7 NOV 2019 · [Versione ITALIANA del Talk] Great products come from great product teams. In this session we'll talk about how to assess, develop, and foster the skills of an Agile team to sustain a culture of innovation. The 5 Dimensions of great products can help identify gaps in skill-set and expertise so that the product and Agile teams can improve. We will review specific activities and frameworks that teams can use to plan a product across the 5 Dimensions and increase the likelihood of success. Participants learn how to plan for and avoid the "Delivery Gap", that is delivering a product to market but failing to meet customer needs. The team assesses its expertise in each of the 5 Dimensions: Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Deliver. It then identifies the areas in the product plan that need improvement. This helps the team grow its expertise and develop a more robust development plan for its product. Speaker: Valerio Zanini
    34m 34s
  • Building Trust In Distributed Teams - ABD19 - Judy Rees *ITA

    7 NOV 2019 · [Versione ITALIANA del Talk] When you and your team members aren’t in the same place, what happens to trust? Many distributed team members - especially Agile coaches and Scrum Masters - find themselves with doubts and fears. They may wonder: - Can you trust remote colleagues to get the job done? - Will they really grasp what's wanted, and why? - How will they find out that things are going wrong, soon enough to help to fix them? - Could remote team members be less loyal than you would hope, and how might that manifest? When you’re a distributed team, you *really* need an Agile approach! But because of their doubts and fears, distributed teams often find themselves falling back to "command and control" styles. That undermines the very trust they want to build, and can block performance improvements. In this short, highly-interactive online session, you'll learn three specific ways to enhance trust remotely, so that you and your team can develop a richer, more collaborative way of working. Speaker: Judy Rees
    44m 51s
  • The Future of Teamwork in an Agile world - ABD19 - Vlad Cavalcanti *ITA

    7 NOV 2019 · [versione ITALIANA del TALK] The Future of Teamwork in an Agile world What are the trends affecting Teamwork now and in the future? How is Atlassian facing these challenges with our culture, our tools and our practices? Speaker: Vlad Cavalcanti
    30m 13s
  • Accelerated Learning_ How Can Agile Help You_ - ABD19 - Artur Margonari *ITA

    7 NOV 2019 · Have you ever thought about applying your Agile knowledge to learn something you want? Want to learn how to play an instrument? Want to learn a new language? Or how to juggle balls? Whatever is the new skill, believe me: Agile can help you with it. In our life, we often face the need of learning something new. It can be to use in our jobs, to impress the person we love, to simply for fun or as a new hobby. Whatever is the reason, we know it can be challenging to acquire this skill and it cannot be (yet) downloaded straight into our brain like in some nice movies. We still need to read books, follow classes, research, practice and be patient. Because the learning curve might be very slow… or not! I’ll share with the audience a technique to learn anything new very fast! It’s basically 5 simple steps. The reason why this method caught my attention: it’s incredibly similar to Agile values, principles and practices! Thus, if you know what Agile is about, you are half way to use it in your favour to learn anything you want, fast.
    42m 7s

This year 2019 ABD becomes two conferences in one! In addition to the traditional Saturday meeting, focused on Business Agility, Friday will be dedicated to the “human factor” of Agile,...

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This year 2019 ABD becomes two conferences in one!
In addition to the traditional Saturday meeting, focused on Business Agility, Friday will be dedicated to the “human factor” of Agile, with its own dedicated space and name.

So here we will have:

Friday September 13th: Agile People Day
Saturday 14 September: Agile Business Day
What binds the two days is that Business, Organization and People are, in an Agile culture, strongly interconnected and synergistic.

The least we could do, then, was to give enough space to deepen all three things.

In the coming weeks we will give you more information on the specific contents and topics that will be dealt with, but we have not been able to hold back any longer in communicating that this year there will be TWO days from which you can draw inspiration, knowledge and networking.
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