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    Season 4, Ep. 69: Growing Pains & Getting in Shape W. Raquel M.

    10 NOV 2023 · The year is almost over, but we're not — and we've got a NEW episode for ya! Doing something she never thought she'd do, 'Adult-ish' host Afiya is back (better late than never) with a new episode featuring an unlikely special guest: her boss. Yes, you read that right. In this latest episode of 'Adult-ish,' Afiya and her FemmeBoss Raquel Martinez talk about the growing pains of getting older and how it's made them rethink how to get over their growing pains by getting active & getting in shape. Listen on as Raquel talks through the trials and tribulations that led to her newfound sport, how it's changed her outlook on her health, while Afiya tries to figure out what she can do to tackle her ongoing health issues. Yes, sometimes sweating it out can make you feel better about yourself, and the convo may have actually lit a fire under Afiya to find that physical activity that'll set her world right-side up. Take a listen — you won't want to miss this! Host: Afiya A. Clubhouse @Aljaugust Special Guest Co-Host: Raquel Martinez Adult-ish Podcast Have you found that routine that's getting your life back on track? Tell us all about it on Instagram or Twitter — we'd love to hear from you!
    54m 6s
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    Season 4 Ep. 68: FAD #40 — Re-Entering the World of Adulthood aka WTF Have We Been?!

    9 SEP 2023 · As we prepare to head back into Fall, the Adult-ish crew is falling back into this podcasting thing! That's right — after over seven months of silence, our favorite host, Afiya A., returns to the microphone to speak on living the adult life. In this Re-Entry Episode, the 30-something-year-old adult gets very personal about the life changes that affected her ability to record including a health scare, a heart-breaking loss, and a moment of reflection. A string of traumatic events will definitely make you think twice, and Afiya definitely spent the last few months thinking. Listen on as the host becomes vulnerable regarding her desire to change her perception of those around her, change the way those around her perceive her, and change the way she looks at herself. It's been a rocky ride, but we here's to the beginning of a new Adult-ish. Host: Afiya A. Clubhouse @Aljaugust Adult-ish Podcast
    50m 25s
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    Season 4 Ep. 67: Dealing With Divorce Like an Adult with Adam

    1 FEB 2023 · It's February, so not only do we usher in the love for our ancestors with the celebration of Black History Month, but we also have a reason to be extra romantic with the coming of Valentine's Day. With that said, while those of you may be celebrating your #LOVEFEST, there are those going through a separation from their loves — and we're digging into it with this latest episode. Listen on as 'Adult-ish' host Afiya is joined by newly-formed friend Adam to discuss their background run-ins with each other, their similar separations, and how they both independently dealt with divorce. Hear the duo speak on the issues that triggered the end of their relationships (did someone say they wanted a unicorn in the mix?!), and how they decided to move on and continue to move on with the lessons they learned. Take a listen — you won't want to miss this! Host: Afiya A. Clubhouse @Aljaugust Co-Host: Adam C. Adult-ish Podcast Have you ever had to process a serious break-up or divorce? Tell us all about it at
    1h 7m 26s
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    Season 4 Ep. 66: Saying Hello to 2023 w. Mavinga

    4 JAN 2023 · Happy New Year, everyone! The great people at Adult-ish hoped you had an amazing time ringing in the New Year and to welcome 2023, 'Adult-ish' host, Afiya, is back with a NEW episode. Take a listen as Afiya is joined by Digital Discovery multi-hyphenate pod host, Mavinga, to discuss how they're really feeling about 2023. If you're looking to hear "resolutions" and "2023 goals," you won't get that here — especially with the year these two have had. But despite some hesitation regarding what the year has to bring, we hear the duo speak about some of the things they would like to do, seeds they would like to sew, and communities they would like to build in the days ahead. After all, it's probably the adult thing to do. P.S. there's a bit of it at the end that DEFINITELY speaks directly to the Adult-ish audience, so make sure to listen to how to make this a year we can all live through. Host: Afiya A. Clubhouse @Aljaugust Guest Co-Host: Mavinga Adult-ish Podcast Tell us your 2023 wishlist and get a shout-out by emailing us:
    1h 14m 3s
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    Season 4 Ep. 65: FAD #39 — Showing Up & Supporting Your Loved Ones Like an Adult

    25 DEC 2022 · Merry Christmas, Everyone! Just in time for the holiday season, 'Adult-ish' host Afiya A. is back with a new "Fifi After Dark," which features a topic that most think about this time of year: showing up and showing support. In this episode (recorded back on December 20), our favorite adult gets a little vulnerable while discussing the several events in her life that have been plaguing her health — both mentally and physically — and how the events have led her to re-evaluate the concept of showing up for someone. "How do you show up for a friend? How do you show support for a loved one?" It's amazing to show love to someone during a joyous occasion, but what does that look like when your favorite people are down and out? Listen on as our usual favorite clown tears it all down... with tears of her own. Tune in for these reflections on love, friendship, and the meaning of showing up and showing support for the ones we say we love and care for. Links Mentioned: Host: Afiya A. Clubhouse @Aljaugust Adult-ish Podcast What does it mean for someone to show up for you? Tell us about it by emailing
    1h 12s
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    Season 4, Ep. 64: FAD #38 — Welcome Back Mess & Little Hot Takes

    26 OCT 2022 · She's back, y'all! Coming out of an impromptu end-of-summer break, your fave adult has returned — and not only is she spilling tea, but she's giving hot takes, too. In this new 'Fifi After Dark,' our slightly-sauced-up host Afiya talks about the recent drama hitting the Adult-ish squad (because she's going to keep it as 100 with you as possible), that's been keeping production held up. Then, she quickly channels all that pent-up energy into her latest hot take, which focuses on the long-awaited tease of a big Disney upset: "The Little Mermaid" starting Halle Bailey. You already know how she feels about remakes, but her thoughts on this one might surprise you — or not... So get ready to hear our girl go throughout and get in her feels, 'cause she's back! Links Mentioned: Host: Afiya A. Clubhouse @Aljaugust Adult-ish Podcast Felt like you were failing at life? Tell us how you got out of it by emailing us:
    46m 19s
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    Season 4, Ep. 63: FAD #37 — Feeling Like a Failure & Coming Out a Rut in NOLA

    24 AUG 2022 · When the fear of failure is overwhelming, it can make you crack — and in this 'Fifi After Dark,' Fifi discusses reaching her limits. Tackling everything from derailed plans, podcast recordings, and personal relationships, the 'Adult-ish' host, Afiya, gets to the heart of feeling like a failure for recent short-comings (including this podcast) and her desire to turn things around. Listen on as she takes us through a recent getaway to the south (that also had its bit of drama) that allowed her time to think, reconnect, and even treat herself to a HUGE gift. So we implore you to dive right into this episode, where our host is probably as real as she can be, talking through being tired of feeling low and building herself right back up. It's quite the show. Links Mentioned: Host: Afiya A. Clubhouse @Aljaugust Adult-ish Podcast Felt like you were failing at life? Tell us how you got out of it by emailing us:
    42m 40s
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    Season 4, Ep. 62: How to Teach People to Treat You Like an Adult

    17 AUG 2022 · What a time to be alive and what better way to return to the world than with a few boundaries? It's a part of adulthood when folks start to switch up on you, but when they start to treat you with little-to-no feedback OR tact, that's when it's time to start putting your foot down. In this new, return episode of 'Adult-ish,' host Vincent takes the lead to talk through the fine art of teaching people to treat you the way you want to be treated — like an adult. Recounting his own recent run-in with a friend, the ever-entertaining Vincent speaks through the steps he took to teach a friend how to approach him with their frustrations. Host: Afiya A. Clubhouse @Aljaugust Co-Host: Vincent Bernard Adult-ish Podcast Ever had to teach someone how to treat you? Send us your boundaries at
    35m 57s
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    Season 4, Ep. 61: FAD #36 — Responding to Roe v Wade Like an Adult

    30 JUN 2022 · No matter who you are, we know you were affected by this past week's Supreme Court ruling to overturn the 1973 case Roe v. Wade, which granted women the constitutional right to privacy of her body and made abortion legal. That's right, y'all -- America has officially decided to allow the states to minimize and overall restrict the rights of women to their own bodies. And all those white women who were scared the 'Handmaid's Tale' was going to come life, there you go! In this episode of Fifi After Dark, your host pulls it together to get her own personal feelings on the situation, and boy does she have a lot to say about the ruling, its implications, and the douchebags who made it happen. Links Mentioned: Host: Afiya A. Clubhouse @Aljaugust Adult-ish Podcast Tell us how you're feeling about SCOTUS and this ruling via email at
    41m 59s
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    Season 4, Ep. 60: FAD #35 — Finding Your (Chosen) Family as an Adult

    15 JUN 2022 · Family: a group of persons connected by blood, marriage, or other. This may be one definition of family, but what does it mean to you? In this episode of "Adult-ish" presents "Fifi After Dark," our solo host recounts an amazing tale of one man's journey to find the truth about his father and ultimately finding a family he never had. You'll want to listen to this story as it includes our favorite host and is the thing made of Hulu documentaries! Aside from an amazing tale of a man finding his family, our fave host takes a moment to evaluate what family means to her and comes to her own revelations about the family she was born into while opening her mind to creating the family she belongs to. Take a listen to this episode — we're sure you won't want to miss it!
    39m 23s

Just a quirky girl and her guests chatting about all things "adult-ish" — the dirty things, the nerdy things, the sexy things, the boring things, the responsible things, the childish...

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Just a quirky girl and her guests chatting about all things "adult-ish" — the dirty things, the nerdy things, the sexy things, the boring things, the responsible things, the childish things, the cool things, and the not-so-cool things that comes at you when you're becoming an adult.
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