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Addicted To People

  • A farewell and a hello

    29 MAR 2021 · I am currently saying goodbye to this particular podcast because I am beginning to new one so listen in and I’ll give you all the details
    Played 8m 11s
  • Episode 48 - Depression part deuce

    3 MAR 2021 · Well another dive into the depression well. I am sharing with you some of the things I’ve done to try to help myself get out of the depression, how well that’s going,what’s worked for me and I want to remind everyone over and over that should reach out and 2. there is no difference between mental illness and physical illness. you would not hesitate to go to a doctor if you broke your leg so do not hesitate to seek out a doctor when your mind is not working correctly.
    Played 33m 23s
  • Episode 47 Depression and addiction an unholy alliance

    25 FEB 2021 · Well I love you know that I suffer from major depressive disorder and that means I’m cyclical and right now I’m in the cycle of depression. I almost didn’t do the podcast because I am just you know programed to believe I should always put my best foot forward but that’s not what this podcast is about. this podcast is about being authentic and real and sharing my real experience in the hopes that it makes somebody else feel less alone.
    Played 32m 41s
  • Episode 46-Are there ANY good men?

    17 FEB 2021 · Well this is a deep dive into the patriarchy into women’s role in the patriarchy women’s role in keeping themselves to a different standard than they keep men. I really wanna hear from people after they hear this so I’m gonna put my email here in the hopes that that is an easier way for you to get a hold of me then to be addicted to people Facebook page.
    Played 44m 1s
  • Episode 45 You be YOU

    9 FEB 2021 · I used to always make the joke that I had to be myself because nobody else wanted to be. And I guess that’s true but it had sort of a negative connotation that being me was not all that great. And that’s how I went through most of my life, thinking that there was always something wrong with me, thinking that I needed to change in order to fit in, to find friends, to be loved, to be chosen. I could never be myself and have those outcomes. I have learned that that is a terrible way to live and a lonely way to live and you never really find your tribe that way. So let’s talk about it. All right go to my Facebook page addicted to people let me know what you think as usual and check out my new art endeavors at
    Played 36m 27s
  • Episode 44 -Narcissistic Parents

    27 JAN 2021 · In this rather long episode (I’m sorry about that )I talk about what it’s like to grow up with narcissistic parents. Anybody who has grown up with an alcoholic has grown up with a narcissist and the kind of damage that they can do can be very deep and it can feel like it’s actually part of your personality instead of something that happened because of the environment you grew up in. I hope that you enjoy this( I know if enjoy is the right word) I hope you get something out of this and that you will ask me any questions or get a hold me on my Facebook page addicted to people and I will see you next week.
    Played 45m
  • Episode 43 - Higher Power? No way! (Way)

    19 JAN 2021 · Just starting to tackle that tricky little second step where higher power comes into the whole recovery scene. I have no answers. I have musings I have thoughts I have questions. Please let me know your musings, thoughts and questions by going to the Facebook page for addicted to people. Hope you get something out of this
    Played 30m 50s
  • Episode 42- TRAUMA!!!

    12 JAN 2021 · Please a little bit of a heavy one with the events that happened this week with the storming of the capital I find myself thinking back to the terrorism of my childhood and the childhood a lot of kids grew up in alcoholic homes. And I’m finding a lot of parallels in the lack of understanding I have for why my mother was so angry with her life and why these people are so angry with their lives. So please go to the Facebook page the addicted to people Facebook page let me know what you think let me know if you think I’m being too morose or if you have topics that way you would like me to talk about. I would appreciate it.
    Played 34m 22s
  • Episode 41 - How did my life turn out this way?

    5 JAN 2021 · If you’re anything like me you’ve asked yourself from time to time how did I end up like this? Now I’m thrice times divorced I have been through a lot of financial difficulties and I seem to always have somebody addicted in my life. So in this episode we talk about patterns and how examining the patterns of over your life can really lead to some insights as to how your life turned out this way. Please leave any at comments on the addicted to peopleFacebook page and like and subscribe as they all tell you to do and I would love it if you did.
    Played 32m 14s
  • Episode 40 - Acceptance is frickin’ HARD

    29 DEC 2020 · Yes I know we’ve talked about acceptance before but you can never talk about it enough. Acceptance is sort of the basis of all of recovery. I contend it’s the basis of happiness. It’s not all of happiness and we still do need Disneyland but it’s the basis, it’s the ground rock, without it it’s almost impossible to live authentically happy. So take a listen let me know what you think on the addicted to people Facebook page and I’ll see you next year. Thanks for all who have listened nancy
    Played 39m 5s

Is co-dependency making your life unmanageable? Do you find yourself saying yes when you want to say no? We have been there (who hasn’t?) with almost 30 years of co-dependency...

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Is co-dependency making your life unmanageable? Do you find yourself saying yes when you want to say no? We have been there (who hasn’t?) with almost 30 years of co-dependency recovery under my belt I share my experience, strength and hope. Though I am very 12-step oriented I pull in LOTS of other resources because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to setting boundaries and taking your life back. Join me and occasional guests! If you get nothing from this, well, heck it was free and you get to keep your misery.
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