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  • The RNLI - Some Facts, some bravery, Some compassion for EVERYONE

    18 JUN 2024 · I made this, the history of the RNLI and some rescues they have done and what good work they do. Thank you to all those people who posted really thoughtless comments about the service,  Without your bile this would not have happened. CREDITS RNLI Fundraising Ad Joe and Petuna TV Ad Nadim Zhawi on Channel Four News 999 Call Teenagers Call Man From Atlantis TV Theme RNLI Training We Are the RNLI RNLI Hovercraft Little Girl Rescued Floating changed my life
    25m 42s
  • I, I who have nothing I, I who have THE PAPER REVIEW

    18 JUN 2024 · The Papers read this morning by a silent order of Monks.
    2m 41s
  • Nigel Farage on Today

    17 JUN 2024 · In which i dismantle Farage and his policies in a factual but humourous way. 
    15m 24s
  • Stuff I missed - USA and Trump

    17 JUN 2024 · Atuff I missed last week... well, didn't really miss it. Just didn't have time to cover it.
  • Waterloo, how does it feel that you won THE PAPER REVIEW

    17 JUN 2024 · Like a Goliath I stand before you, my paper review reverberating throughout this land
    3m 10s
  • It's the day that June 17h

    17 JUN 2024 · A day that is packed with events and conjecture
    7m 52s
  • Poverty, Benefits, and the two main parties

    14 JUN 2024 · The two main parties, their manifestos and a spot the difference contest.
    15m 22s
  • Keir Starmer on tool makers, horrific middle class poverty and 2 child benefit cap

    14 JUN 2024 · Some thoughts on Keir Starmer and his... positions.
    5m 36s
  • It's the day that June 14th

    14 JUN 2024 · Well, it's June the 14th! How long has it been since that happened?
    4m 30s
  • The Post Office Inquiry - Mr Smug comes acroppa

    13 JUN 2024 · Why it's not a good idea to think you are smarter than a barrister who is trained to get the answers they require.
    6m 29s

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A podcast about current events, done without a script, with some humour but plenty of facts. Also opinions. Oh, opinions.

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