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A Milli

  • Myleik Teele Creator of First Monthly Subscription Service for Naturally Curly Hair

    27 NOV 2018 · Myleik Teele is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of curlBOX, the first monthly subscription service for naturally curly hair. Her journey to A Milli involves working in many positions, including as a publicist in music, before striking gold in the beauty industry. She talks to us about the early days, from ideation to creation of her business. We also dig into the lesser discussed topics like leadership lessons, imposter syndrome, not being mentally prepared for success and feeling like maybe you don’t deserve the success that you’ve experienced. This is an insightful finale episode for season one and it is filled with truths.
    34m 53s
  • Heart + Hustle with Nearly 3 Million Social Followers ft YouTuber Patricia Bright

    13 NOV 2018 · Patricia Bright is a Fashion and Beauty YouTube creator with 2 million plus subscribers and nearly 1 million followers on Instagram. Her personable nature and quirky straightforward style have continuously allowed her to establish an adoring community of supporters. She is undoubtedly an influencer who has worked with staple brands like Dior, L’Oreal and Puma and she sharing how it all got started. Patricia is taking us back to the days when she didn’t know how much to charge for her work, sharing her strategy for building once she became a full-time content creator and we also learn how she gives back to other influencers in her community. She is also dishing on what we can expect from her debut book, Heart and Hustle. Patricia's Instagram -
    30m 41s
  • 1 Million Blowouts Per Year with Alli Webb of Drybar

    6 NOV 2018 · Alli Webb is the Founder of the mega popular beauty brand Drybar. They do over one million blowouts a year and have more than 100 locations. Alli’s been featured by Forbes and Inc magazines, she’s been a guest on national TV shows like the Talk, she was named in Fortune’s “40 under 40” and Marie Claire’s “16 Most Fascinating Women," but this is really an inside look at the evolution of not only a business but a business woman. Alli shares how she didn’t exactly know what type of journey she was embarking on, how she navigated being open to feedback and what her view on success is. A Milli is produced by
    32m 13s
  • BOXFOX Does $6 Milli with No Funding ft Sabena Suri

    30 OCT 2018 · Sabena, Chelsea and Jenni are the co-founders of BOXFOX, a premier gift-giving company on track to do $6 million in revenue with no outside funding. Their story begins a few years ago in an apartment in Venice, CA. They were three girls with full-time jobs and a dream to combine new technology with one of the oldest gestures in the book: gift giving. At just 28, Sabina Suri wears many hats and she sits down with us to share the inside scoop on the BOXFOX journey to A Milli! A Milli is produced by
    28m 3s
  • Abyah Wynn 29- year old VP of $10 Million VC Fund

    23 OCT 2018 · Abyah Wynn is the 29- year old Vice President of Business Development at Trimantium Capital. She spearheads the firm’s Twenty65 Fund, which she created to democratize access to capital for female tech entrepreneurs, especially those of color. She provides a VC investment 101 breakdown, shares tips for entrepreneurs looking for funding and so much more.  A Milli is produced by
    20m 36s
  • $2 Million in Funding with Clare Paint ft Nicole Gibbons

    10 OCT 2018 · On this episode we hear from Nicole Gibbons, Founder and CEO of Clare. She’s an interior designer who went from working with top media outlets like HGTV and OWN to securing a reported $2 million in funding to launch Clare an easy online way to shop for paint. She shares what the very recent journey has been like from funding to hiring her first employees and learning along the way. A Milli is produced by
    29m 13s
  • $40 Million In Funding ft Ariel Kaye of Parachute

    2 OCT 2018 · Founder and CEO, Ariel Kaye, created Parachute because she wants people to start and end their days feeling their very best. Now the e-commerce based brand has added multiple brick-and-morter locations from LA to NY; they’ve been noted as the go-to brand for Millennials and have raised more than $40 million in funding. Ariel shares her stroy to A Milli. A Milli is produced by 
    24m 56s
  • Making A Milli with Minibar Delivery ft Co-Founder Lindsey Andrews

    25 SEP 2018 · Lindsey Andrews and Lara Crystal, Co-Founders of Minibar Delivery, discovered a void in the booze business and turned a night of ordering in into an entrepreneurial endeavor. The ladies have tapped into a billion dollar industry. Lindsey recalls the early days of getting funding, she shares tactics the team used to get the word out about Minibar Delivery and what success means to her. Lindsey shares their story to A Milli. A Milli is produced by
    16m 28s
  • $15 Million Plus with Farmgirl Flowers Founder Christina Stembel

    25 SEP 2018 · Christina Stembel, Founder and CEO of Farmgirl Flowers has created a business based on an age old beauty, flowers. She uses the less is more approach but that has not stopped her business from blooming. With more than 75 employees, the company is doing $15 million plus in annual revenue and Christina has her sights set on a billion. Listen in to find out how this true farm girl, without formal business training, is creating a beautiful empire. She shares her story to A Milli. A Milli is produced by
    32m 53s
  • Introduction to A Milli

    11 SEP 2018 · A Milli is the new podcast from Mayzie Media debuting September 25. This will be an intimate look at women who have amassed a million as they share what they've learned and how they did it. A Milli is produced by
    2m 26s

Tap into the mind of a woman with a million. A Milli dives into the then and now of women who have achieved a minimum of one million in business:...

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Tap into the mind of a woman with a million. A Milli dives into the then and now of women who have achieved a minimum of one million in business: funding, revenue, subscribers, sales, followers, personal wealth etc. Amassing one million in business is no small feat and we’re taking an intimate look at a number of successful women spanning from beauty to tech uncovering clues to entrepreneurial success from CEOs, COOs, Founders, investors and more. You'll learn the tactics they tried early on, when they knew what they were doing was working and what success means when you have achieved A Milli. Season one guests include: Alli Webb, Co-Founder of Drybar; Ariel Kaye, CEO and Founder of Parachute; Myleik Teele, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of curlBOX; Nicole Gibbons, Interior Designer, TV Personality and Founder of Clare; Sabena Suri, Co-Founder and CSO of BOXFOX and Patricia Bright, Entrepreneur + Lifestyle YouTuber.
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