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    Building Community With Marchel Marcos

    4 FEB 2022 · Content Warning: Domestic Violence. Hey, friends! We missed you, but we are back and ready to inspire you more than ever. Today we are speaking with the fabulous political director, principal consultant, domestic violence survivor advocate & entrepreneur Marchel Marcos. Join us as she sits down with Alexis Hernandez and shares her reasons why she dedicates her energy to others in so many ways. Marchel chats about the organizations that helped her through her most difficult times and how she's giving back after receiving help from others. Connecting with people who need allyship is so important, so we're excited to teach you how you can be an ally for those experiencing D.V., plus learn how you can get politically involved with your local elected officials. To learn more about Marchel, check her out on Instagram @dearmarchel. This is an incredible & informing episode, so we hope you enjoy it. Episode Resources: Don't forget to rate us, subscribe, & leave a review on the Apple Podcast app!
    54m 19s
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    Three Organizations to Get Involved With Today

    9 OCT 2021 · Join Alexis Hernandez and community organization founder Dwindell Feeley as they chat about Love Your Black Community and all of it's amazing services, the Free Geek Organization; a foundation with a mission to close the digital divide, plus the PDX Free Fridge Initiative; a free food and supplies service in Portland, Oregon. How you serve others around you immensely affects the world in a positive way. Learn how giving back to others can be fun and fulfilling! Go to to get involved, or reach out to Dwindell Feeley if you'd like to join in on a youth cooking class. Like this show? Feel free to leave us a review here. Post a screenshot of your favorite episode on Instagram & tag us so we can thank you personally!
    45m 29s
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    Spread Love Like Butter

    19 MAR 2021 · Get inspired to spread love to planet earth with Shea Butter and her eco-friendly, customizable clothing brand. Learn tips and tricks on minimizing the environmental impact we have as consumers. Plus, hear about the small business of the week, Loveofall6loves. Who doesn’t love a good homemade vegan soap, am I right?
    44m 46s
  • Explicit

    Giving Wisely

    7 MAR 2021 · There are so many ways to get involved with your community! Now, more than ever, it’s important to be educated on giving back before gifting your time, energy, and money to others. Join Lex Hernandez and Dboi LTD as they chat about tips and tricks for donating wisely, and spreading kindness.
    34m 51s
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    MacKenzie Scott's Money Talks

    2 JAN 2021 · Cheers to the end of a year that devastated everyone but the wealthy! This year has created a greater need for charity and community. There are countless people in position to help those in need, including you! Join Lex Hernandez and Dboi LTD as they highlight American author MacKenzie Scott among other ladies who lead by example. Get inspired to get involved!
    30m 19s
  • Explicit

    Shop Small and Give Back

    30 NOV 2020 · The holidays are here! It's common knowledge that Black Friday is the official kickoff to holiday shopping spree season. But did you know the benefits of giving your purchases to local, independent shops in your neighborhood? Join Alexis Hernandez and Dboi LTD as they discuss small business hero Sarah Shaoul, athletes who are giving back to those in need, plus tips on how you can get involved.
    42m 17s
  • Explicit

    End SARS & Vote For Those Who Can't

    2 NOV 2020 · Join this discussion about the End SARS movement and hear about the creative actions an indigenous community in Portland, Oregon did to raise awareness and encourage others to vote. Learn how you can get involved and put an end to the injustices committed both inside and outside of our borders.
    39m 17s
  • Explicit

    A Conversation With Brian Willis From Global Health Promise

    4 OCT 2020 · Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in building healthy communities by providing research, services and enabling people to work together for the common good. Global Health Promise helps trafficked mothers and their children worldwide. Learn how you can help them reach their goal of promoting the health and human rights of mothers who are sex workers, and her children.
    50m 19s
  • Explicit

    The Ups & Downs of Living In a Digital World

    2 SEP 2020 · From TikTok to Twitter, today's technology driven world offers just as many benefits as risks. Join Alexis Hernandez and her siblings as they discuss the pros and cons of social media, helpful tips for safe practices, and ways you can benefit from social networking.
    43m 58s
  • Explicit

    Today Is History And You Are Part of It

    24 JUL 2020 · Alexis Hernandez & Dboi LTD are in the Livin' the Dream Studio shedding light on people who are changing the world for the better. Tune in as they discuss comedian Chelsea Handler, athletes and their organizations taking action to fight against racial injustice, Portland's current state of crisis, and how you can help! Plus, Alexis shares her most recent experience of giving back with Fuschia Keliikipi.
    48m 31s

Are you tired of hearing about news full of sob stories, terrible events, and unrelatable views? So are we! This podcast encourages you to break away from everyday media drama,...

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Are you tired of hearing about news full of sob stories, terrible events, and unrelatable views? So are we! This podcast encourages you to break away from everyday media drama, and get inspired to get involved with your community. Join Alexis Hernandez as she highlights and interviews people who are doing their part in making our world a better place. She combines her humorous attitude with her passion for people, community, and charity with every episode.
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