The New Utopia

May 29, 2022 · 44m 56s
The New Utopia

01 · bartholomews fayre

27m 8s

A show in our series Protocols of Power all available at on the Live shows page and in the archive.

2 years ago

"Why am I actually doing this?" I'm glad I found you. Thank you for doing this… 😄


2 years ago

Yes, not only vigilance but taking action when you see global-local change to be installed. Case in point in my small city in Ca there was a proposal to close a local vehicle artery to only local traffic and bicycles. A public meeting was held and the majority did not approve of the plan. As the evening wore on a flock of people pro SDG began showing up and the 'consensus shifted to about a 60-40 against-for the proposal. City council later said they rejected the plan as offered. This plan was undoubtedly the work of a SDG manager the city had hired as justification of her position. Months later the council adopted and implemented the original plan. Nelson B.C has 3 to 4 months of snow in thew winter ...and of course it never rains. I drive this route fairly often and might see a bicyclist or two once very half dozen trips on this road. Or much less than I see them on other roads. What this did however is dump all this traffic onto one major traffic artery causing congestion where formerly there was none to very little at peak times. Perhaps this congestion was the real aim as a driver or the necessity [sic] of UN SDG. Amen to being ever vigilant.
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