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Season 2 Episode 37 Danny Bohn Tie A Balloon On The Outside Of It

Season 2 Episode 37 Danny Bohn Tie A Balloon On The Outside Of It
Jan 18, 2024 · 3h 5m 25s

Danny Bohn a 3rd Generation driver watching his father race throughout the years and then got to hop in a seat himself Danny Bohn started his racing career at Wall...

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Danny Bohn a 3rd Generation driver watching his father race throughout the years and then got to hop in a seat himself

Danny Bohn started his racing career at Wall Stadium running bandoleros and started winning right away capturing 13 wins out of a 16 race season
He then moved up to a SK Light the following year where he continued his winning ways where he clicked off 6 wins and then the following year another 7 wins both resulting in championships along with a Turkey Derby win in 2006

Became good friends with long time chassis guru Ray Everham and moved his operation down south where he jumped into a dirt modified after making a deal with Ray when he got down there
Did that for a couple years which resulted in a championship at East Lincoln

Got his feet wet for the first time at Bowman Gray at 2011
Jumped into a Whelen Southern Modified and went racing full time in 2012 with his father where they started with a couple wins but 2013 was his kick in the nuts year which resulted him destroying a car not once but 2 times in about the span of a month but had a great season none the less the trouble finishing with in the top 10 of points of a heavily fledged field of modified racers down south.
2014 he double dutied running a car at Bowman Gray full time along with the Whelen Southern Modified Tour winning a handful of races at Bowman Gray and stamped his championship down that year at Bowman by winning the 150 lap season finale at Bowman. Etching his name in the record books at the mad house that is flooded by Burt Myers and Tim Brown.
Along with that has won every big modified race you possibly can at Bowman including the North South Shootout 199 2 times (2014/2015) before they got rid of the race.

Fast forward to 2018/2019 he got a call from a guy to run a modified down south at On Point Motorsports to where he glanced over at their team Nascar Truck sitting there and said "I really wanna drive that" After getting some funding from a close friend that knew Brantley Gilbert and made a deal come together at the end of the 2019 season Danny made his first Nascar Truck start at Martinsville Speedway. Even got to party backstage with Brantley himself after unveiling the truck.

Danny first race was a eye opener heavier chassis different gauges 27 people yelling at you over the radio but he stayed competitive throughout the whole race all the way to the checkered where a maylay ensued sandwiching Danny and popping both his right side tires as he crossed the finish line in 8th place, which was the best finish first start by a rookie in Nascar Trucks until most recently.
He went to finish out the year with On Point Motorsports racing at Phoenix and Homestead which was a big eye opener for a guy that was use to just running modifieds with nerf bars to being 2 feet off a fence at 160 mph plus at Homestead or running a hard dog leg at Phoenix.
2020 he came back to On Point Motorsports half way through the season where he got a little taste of a full season in what we claim the big leagues of stock car racing. Best finish that year was again Martinsville finishing 7th so you can say he had that tracks number but really opened his eyes to the bigger tracks like Talladega, Las Vegas, Kansas, Texas, Richmond, Darlington and a couple others.
2021 is when Covid affected all of the world and made a guy that barely got his feet wet make his practice time put into a climb in and start the race situation.
Daytona being his first start there that year was a big eye opener almost went full flight miles that race aswell but didnt get the FULL experience or seat time throughout that year which played dividends to his learning curve to it all.
2022 made his first start in a Xfinity Car at Daytona finishing 8th which is crazy and then ran one more race at Darlington before he went back to his roots of Modified racing. Dont get me wrong Danny was running a modified sometimes double duty while doing all this throughout 2019 to 2022

This guy spent 3 hours talking with us while trimming up body panels on his modified to sweeping his floor in the shop sharing his story I can say Danny got to experience some cool moments from running Bandos as a kid to running full blown modifieds around Charlotte Legends tracks to running a full season in trucks and slinging dirt at Eldora and almost taking flight at Daytona

It was awesome to talk to him and we hope you enjoy it as well !
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