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Organizational Dysfunction and Building Accountability

Organizational Dysfunction and Building Accountability
Oct 13, 2023 · 1h 25m 46s

In this episode of the Start Thinking Forward podcast, we welcome Dr. Anne Dranisaris and Heather Dranisaris-Hillard, a mother-daughter duo with extensive experience in leadership and entrepreneurship. Our focus today...

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In this episode of the Start Thinking Forward podcast, we welcome Dr. Anne Dranisaris and Heather Dranisaris-Hillard, a mother-daughter duo with extensive experience in leadership and entrepreneurship. Our focus today is on organizational dysfunction, and we are excited to explore this topic and provide valuable insights. Heather reveals that she and Anne became business partners in 1998 after her adoption, and their different backgrounds in psychotherapy and organizational consulting complement each other in their work. We delve into how their personal history and reunion shaped their professional journey, and I express my admiration for their powerful story.

We discuss how their business partnership developed over time, despite living in different parts of the country initially. I ask how their reunion in 1985 influenced their professional paths and how they believe their lives would have been different had they not crossed paths. Heather explains that Anne's expertise in understanding human behavior and driving factors complemented her own business background, allowing them to create a successful company.

I emphasize the unique aspect of our work as both mother and daughter and Sagittarians. We test everything on our family, making our stories and examples richer for our clients. Building our leadership systems while nurturing our relationship was not easy due to our different personality types and brain functionality. Heather is extroverted, while I am introverted, but our complementary strengths make us a great fit. However, we had to navigate the challenges of running a joint business while maintaining a personal connection.

We reveal that we kept our mother-daughter relationship a secret for the first 10 years of our business. Now, everyone knows, but we waited until we were both ready to disclose our relationship, as I wanted us to be seen as equals and partners. We discuss the importance of addressing dysfunctions within organizations and the necessity for leaders to actively engage in leading and setting expectations.

We delve into the issue of a lack of accountability among leaders and organizations and stress the importance of fostering followership and accountability through effective leadership. We also touch on the pressure on leaders to keep their employees happy and engaged and the need for them to strike a balance between empowerment and performance tracking.

We highlight the significance of emotional intelligence and leadership development, as well as the need to tackle systemic issues within organizations. We believe that investing in leadership development and understanding brain functioning can help create a culture of trust and support. We discuss the imposter syndrome and the importance of leaders setting clear expectations and providing feedback.

To address dysfunctional dynamics within organizations, leaders, and individuals, we provide practical and pragmatic actions. We have a YouTube channel with content covering various topics and an Ultimate Accountability Experiences program designed to drive accountability in organizations and shift leadership behavior. We emphasize the importance of addressing issues and creating a supportive work environment.

Discussing the imposter syndrome and its impact on leaders and organizations, we recommend books for thought leaders looking to elevate their organizations to the next level. We also touch on permissive leadership and the need to implement an accountability system and train leaders in managing performance and development.

Overall, our conversation centers around the crucial importance of addressing dysfunctional dynamics and offering practical solutions to leaders and organizations. By understanding brain functioning and implementing accountability initiatives, leaders can create thriving work environments and drive success for their teams. I wholeheartedly agree with Heather's perspective on permissive leadership. As entrepreneurial leaders, it is essential for us to recognize when we are being permissive and understand how it hinders our ability to focus on growing our businesses. Allowing permissiveness to seep into our leadership style often leads to getting caught up in day-to-day operations instead of focusing on the necessary steps for propelling our businesses forward. If you constantly feel like you're the bottleneck and lack time, it is likely a symptom of being too permissive. Fortunately, there is a remedy for it. We express our gratitude to Dr. Anne and Heather for sharing their valuable knowledge. To connect with them and access their resources, please visit their website at We eagerly await hearing from our audience. Let's continue thinking forward and making progress!
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