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Maine Coon

Maine Coon
Feb 9, 2024 · 5m 40s

The Majesty of the Maine Coon: America's Beloved Gentle Giant Cat Breed With their lustrous, plumed tails, prominent ear tufts, engaging personalities, and imposing yet graceful frames, Maine Coon cats...

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The Majesty of the Maine Coon: America's Beloved Gentle Giant Cat Breed
With their lustrous, plumed tails, prominent ear tufts, engaging personalities, and imposing yet graceful frames, Maine Coon cats have enchanted and intrigued cat lovers for over a century. As one of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America, the Maine Coon is shrouded in colorful lore about its origins but revered for the regal bearing and companionability that have earned it the fitting nickname of “America's Cat.” Today these gentle giants remain beloved as the official state cat of Maine and pride of cat owners seeking a loyal, low-maintenance friend.
Mythic Origins Fit for a King
The inception of the Maine Coon breed remains steeped in legend, with several oft-repeated origin stories reflecting their prominence in North American folklore. The most popular lore involves Marie Antoinette, whose attempted escape from France during the French Revolution was thwarted. She loaded her prized long-haired cats aboard a ship bound for the United States that ultimately docked in Maine. Her cats then mated with local short-haired breeds, producing the Maine Coon.
Another colorful tale claims that Maine Coon cats descended from six pet cats accompanying Norsemen voyaging to North America with Leif Eriksson. The cats then reproduced with North American short-haired cats or raccoons, evolving into modern-day Maine Coons. While these stories are likely more fantasy than fact, they connect the Maine Coon to royalty and warriors, befitting the breed’s lordly presence. Their true ancestors were probably cats that voyaged with English seafarers or migrated with early settlers to the rugged New England frontier.
Whatever their mysterious origin, written accounts of large brown tabby Maine cats emerged by the 1860s, their adaptation to Maine’s harsh winters and prowess mousing aboard ships cemented their status as prized working cats protecting homes and stores. Their gentle temperament and hardy constitutions also made them suitable pets, later coveted abroad after their display at late 19th-century shows.
Defining Traits and Pedigreed Standards
Early Maine Coons exhibited considerable variety in coloration and tail length. But several defining physical and personal traits emerged as hallmarks of the prototypical Maine Coon still honored by pedigree standards today. Their most salient features include:
• Substantial size, with males potentially reaching 25+ lbs • Long, dense, water-resistant fur perfect for insulation • Ear furnishings and full, flowing, plumed tails • Strong jawline and prominent muzzle • Tall tufted ears and oversize paws • Intelligence, independence, and playfulness • Love of water and fascination with humans •hardiness and adaptation to harsh climates
The establishment of the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association in 1968 helped set definitive Maine Coon conformation parameters and grooming standards for competition. However, the priorities were preserving the breed’s size, health, sweet temperament, intelligence, and working ability above conforming to strict aesthetics. Even “pet quality” Maine Coon cats make marvelous companions reflecting the best attributes of their noble ancestors.
Rising Popularity on Personality Alone
By nature, Maine Coons exhibit personalities beyond their years - dignified, intelligent, curious, social, and charmingly mischievous. Their maturity, independence, and trainability rival canine characteristics, garnering nicknames like “dog of the cat world.” Yet they still enjoy silly kitten antics throughout adulthood.
Most Maine Coons showcase devotion and sensitivity meeting human emotional needs for companionship. Adaptable gentle giants equally at ease in high-energy households or lower-key living, they thrive when able to engage their high intellect. This versatility suits modern owners seeking well-mannered low-maintenance friends capable of playfulness on request.
The Internet age especially boosted Maine Coon popularity for prospective owners able to research cat temperaments. Their winning laid-back personalities, minimal grooming needs, sturdy health, and imposing photogenic features check “must-have” boxes for catalogs of lifestyles. Facebook groups, Instagram hashtags, YouTube videos and TikTok broadcasts starring playful, friendly Maine Coons melt viewers’ hearts.
Breeders report multi-year Maine Coon kitten waitlists today as demand eclipses supply for these superior companions. Tica registration data backs swelling enthusiasm - they rank as the second most popular pedigreed cat breed, trailing only the Persian in numbers. Yet they capture #1 standing occupying hearts and homes by winning affection on congenial merits alone versus perishable looks. America’s Cat continues charming legions of more admirers through understated regal humility befitting true kings and queens.
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