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GVP #139 - Vegan Agenda Roundtable

GVP #139  -  Vegan Agenda Roundtable
Apr 1, 2019 · 1h 51m 18s

A highly topical subject comes under the spotlight for a four-way roundtable conversation. Sean McCann, Jo Lomax and Nathan Riddett guest to discuss the current social-engineering push to promote Veganism....

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A highly topical subject comes under the spotlight for a four-way roundtable conversation. Sean McCann, Jo Lomax and Nathan Riddett guest to discuss the current social-engineering push to promote Veganism. We all agree that the reason this is getting done WON'T be out of the elite controllers' compassion and concern for all living sentient beings - particularly when the likes of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Russell Brand and Beyonce have been playing their part in the push. This leaves us to reflect on the REAL reasons for the co-ordinated agenda, now being ramped up at record speed.

The show ends with Sean McCann giving his thoughts on Carnism, (meat-eating,) as depicted in Stanley Kubrick's mindblowing '2001: A Space Odyssey' movie, and its relation to the Biblical creation myth, Darwinism, satanism and human consciousness.

The 1973 movie 'Soylent Green,' as discussed in the show, can be viewed for free online here:



Sean McCann's essay on Carnism as depicted in '2001: A Space Odyssey' is as follows:

2001 a space odyssey by Stanley Kubrick is a very misunderstood film with many esoteric subplots running through it. We all know the film depicts an alien force communing with Apes to influence our evolution as a species. What I propose is that Kubrick melds together Christian and Darwinist beliefs and uses carnism to illustrate a satanic mindset of violence and domination.

The first chapter of the film is where these allusions can be found. The opening scene is titled “The Dawn of Man”. This title makes the viewer subconsciously relate the following scene to Genesis chapter one of the bible. Kubrick displays the landscape (the Garden of Eden). He then shows us an ape in the Garden, this is where Kubrick melds the two belief systems to show us the same theme runs together. The ape is Adam, the first man/the missing link of Darwinist theory. Furthermore, this combination allows most viewers to accept the premise that this is a plausible “Dawn of Man”. Now that the viewers have accepted this ape represents Adam in the Garden, Kubrick depicts the animals which share the Garden with ancient Mankind. The next scene shows the apes living peacefully in the Garden with pigs. The apes are shown to be eating plants. Kubrick then shows the apes and pigs fighting over the plants available (limited resources). Though they have conflict, no one is harmed, and they continue to co-exist peacefully.

We are then shown two bands of apes and their conflict over access to a watering hole. The conflict only involved loud hollers and posturing. No violence involved. The apes are depicted as prey as an ape is killed by a cheetah. The next scene depicts the apes huddled under a rock at night as they listen to the nocturnal beasts’ hunting, riddled with fear. The next morning, the apes wake up to find the black Monolith standing before them. This represents the satanic force, the snake who appears in the garden. Kubrick depicts it as being a black cube with the same dimensions as the movie screen the viewers are watching. It is also obviously not of this world. It has smooth planes and sharp angles, much different from the apes’ immediate environment. The apes are afraid at first and then their curiosity helps them overcome their fight or flight response. One ape touches the Monolith, then all the others do as well. This touch is the communion with the satanic force. The next shot is from the base of the Monolith looking up at the sun in alignment with the moon. The angle of the camera distorts the shape of the Monolith. The perspective transforms the rectangular face into a trapezoid. The trapezoid is an important symbol for Satanists, representing the tesseract they believe this realm to be. A cube within a cube extruding. The trapezoid is the shape that binds the inner cube. It being black is a reference to saturnian belief systems. We are to assume the information transmitted to the apes was satanic in nature. Like the words given to Eve to convince her to eat from the tree of good and evil.

Moving on, the next scene depicts an ape scrounging through a decomposed pig carcass looking for food. The ape is visibly shown thinking, and a flash of the trapezoid shot is edited into the scene. We assume he is realizing this carcass is the remains of a living animal. We see him pick up a large bone and use it as a club. We see the ape’s excitement at the destruction of the bones in front of him as he swings his club. We see him smash the fragile skull and flashes of pigs falling dead are sewn into the epic scene. In the next scene we see an ape eating a freshly killed piece of animal flesh. Kubrick makes sure to include a squishing sound as the ape takes a bite. It cuts to all the apes eating meat, sitting around a dead pig carcass. They all have bones/clubs in their laps and the baby is chewing on a bone. Indicating that they learn from each other. Now the whole tribe has eaten murdered flesh and they make their way to the watering hole. They meet their rival troop and make noise like usual. That day was different. They were all armed with clubs. When one of the rival apes charged and ran at the armed apes, just as he made it across the water he was quickly bashed in the head with a club. The dead ape lay twitching on the ground as all the others took turns beating him with their clubs. Each of them with blood in their bellies, commit wrathful aggression. The rest of the unarmed apes flee, and the armed troop takes the watering hole. This is supporting Darwin’s survival of the fittest premise. Now the aggressive psychopaths win the day and are free to enjoy all the resources in the garden of Eden. Then the alpha ape throws his club in the air, literally casting it out of the garden. Like Adam and Eve being cast out for eating ‘the forbidden fruit’, the bone is cast out. The following scene shows a spaceship floating above Earth (the garden), the humans were literally cast out from the planet. Our technology is casting us further and further away from Eden. Carnism is not only a tool for illustrating violence and domination, Kubrick could be telling us that flesh IS the forbidden fruit. At least according to the mystery schools.

If flesh is the forbidden fruit, it only makes sense. The tree was named the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When eating anything else, there’s no need to have knowledge of good and evil. But when you steal the flesh from another being, you KNOW it’s wrong. You can hear it in your heart. That is the sin that destroyed the garden.

There’s only one more reference to carnism in the film, and that is at about the 47 min mark. Heywood Floyd and two of his colleagues were zooming across the moon’s landscape on their way to see the Monolith that was dug up on the moon. One of the men said, “Is anybody hungry?” as he pulled out a plastic cooler. He opened it and offered the contents to Mr. Floyd. Heywood said, “What is that? chicken?”. The response he got was “something like that. It tastes like it anyway”. Everyone laughed, and the third man asked, “Do you have any ham?”. This is a direct reference to the opening scenes where the apes’ first flesh meal was a pig. The man takes a bite and says, “Hey this is pretty good.”. The man with the cooler says, “They’re getting better at it all the time.”. Illustrating how we’ve been murdering and eating pigs since the garden of Eden. What seems to be different in all that time is how sanitized and removed we are from actually committing murder. Now our ham is in neat little white squares and wrapped in plastic. The days of wielding a club are long behind us yet we are still ingesting suffering and death.

All the spiritually enlightened traditions know eating flesh is wrong. Continuing to torture, enslave, rape and murder our fellow animals, keeps us locked out of paradise. Earth cannot be returned to a state of Eden until we all follow God’s first rule of the Garden…

“Do no harm”.

-Sean McCann
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