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Episode 07: Ranking True North

Episode 07: Ranking True North
Oct 29, 2022 · 1h 37m 25s

In this episode we rank the 12 songs from "True North" - the latest addition to a-ha's amazing career and song catalogue - from the worst to the best, and...

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In this episode we rank the 12 songs from "True North" - the latest addition to a-ha's amazing career and song catalogue - from the worst to the best, and we can reveal that the battle for the top spot is close!

In this episode we possibly fail at giving a short summary of anything, we praise some drummers, we talk about second cousins and sisters, and it would be surprising if there wasn’t something that sounds more Beatles than The Beatles…

We also introduce the concept of a ‘reverse Jesus’, we discuss a-ha’s insect trilogy, we try to find out if there’s a Nordic elephant in the room, and which song on the new album could have benefitted from a Hammond organ to make it more Doorsy?

We also talk about goosebumps and teary eyes after an evening with True North in headphones, we laugh at our own jokes and discuss the new lyrics. We even make the bold claim that some of the new songs could eventually prove to end up in an all time top 25 of a-ha songs! Now, if THAT isn’t something to get excited about then we don’t know what is?!

Also take the opportunity to join the discussion about our ranking on Facebook where we’d love for you to talk to us and tell us things we could find helpful.
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Broderick Harper

Broderick Harper

6 months ago

Caught up at last!! Mainly because it's taken at least half a dozen listens for me to fully appraise this album. And it's certainly a 'grower'. I coudn't shift it off bottom postion for my firsrt three listens - astonishing really as I didn't think they could realise anything as average (for them) as 'Foot of the Mountain'. But now thanks to the three tracks you guys rate the highest (yes, occasionally I agree with you. LOL) it's moving up. However, I was astonished how poor you rate 'Bluest of Blue', which for me it's easily the best track and definitely in my Top 20 a-ha tracks. Reminds me, in tone, of 'Over the Treetops'. I am a sucker when they release these whimsical type tracks. For instance 'I won't Forget Her' is another of my faves of theirs!! But the album is the first for me to have a track with a rating as low as 3*'s (I use itunes/Apple Music) 'Between The Halo And The Horn' is the worst track they've ever released - not bad, but the only track of theirs that I will always skip (of course I'll love it in a another year.LOL). So the album for me still ranks in the lower tier, similar ranked to 'Analogue' better than 'Stay on these Road', 'Lifelines' and 'Foot' and it might overtake 'Minor Earth', but unlikely to get anywhere near my top five (which in fairness are all in my Top 50 albums of all time). Like my favourite band Depeche Mode, it's highly impressive that a band that's 40 years old, keep releasing such quality. Keep up the good review work boys.
Ngai Kim

Ngai Kim

1 year ago

Thank you for the sharing ! To me, Forest for the trees , l'm in, Hunter in the hill, Bubblebee, Make me understand, Summer rain, As if , these seven songs stand out at this moment !
Lackluster Productions

Lackluster Productions

1 year ago

Thanks a lot for the very kind feedback Lisa, we're glad you liked it! 😃


1 year ago

Yes yes yes, when I listened to your list I am so very happy as it's exactly the same as my own list! I honestly can't believe it but it's true! When I saw the film at the cinema Hunter In The Hills really stood out to me and I couldn't wait for the album release so I could hear it again. I'm so glad you agreed! Love your podcast it was brilliant 😃
Author Lackluster Productions
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