"Now and Then" is an unarchived song written by John Lennon , and now mixed using all 4 members of The Beatles playing together. Its 12-minute documentary short unveiled footage and voiceovers of everybody involved. I give my input of "Now and Then" 's history, production, arrangement, and decade breaking charting stats. Theme Song: "Dance Track", composed by Jessica Ann Catena The Beatles' discography John Lennon discography Paul McCartney discography George Harrison discography Ringo Starr discography The Beatles YouTube Channel "Now and Then" music video Billboard Pop Shop Podcast episode Rolling Stone Music Now - podcast episode UK Singles Chart - Official Charts (The Beatles) "Now and Then"'s Official Charts Stats The Beatles' Billboard chart history Related episodes: Ep. 24 - 10 Springtime Themed Songs Ep. 39 - Ringo Starr Beatles Songs Ep. 61 - John Lennon Tribute Interviews Ep. 140 - Paul McCartney Top 10 Favs Ep. 158 - Queen's "Face It Alone" Ep. 169 - Top 40 Songs of 2022 (Part 2) Ep. 211 - Sounds Like Halloween read more read less

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