#72 Courageously You: Exploring Authentic Living

Sep 12, 2023 · 1h 6m 31s
#72 Courageously You: Exploring Authentic Living

Welcome to Wellthy Living conversation. In this epsiode I have an enriching conversation with Lucy Mayes and Ingrid Gaiotto. Lucy: A mother with two young adult children who is transitioning...

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Welcome to Wellthy Living conversation.

In this epsiode I have an enriching conversation with Lucy Mayes and Ingrid Gaiotto.

Lucy: A mother with two young adult children who is transitioning into a new phase of life. She has a background in law but left her law career due to a values disconnect and pursued a career in workplace wellbeing, with a particular focus on healthcare. Lucy has also delved into spiritual personal development work and aims to share her knowledge and experience as she gains more freedom.

Ingrid: With a background in Italian heritage and a passion for the arts, hospitality, and travel, has embarked on various ventures, including running a cafe and now a tour operations company. She maintains a deep connection to her Italian roots and channels her skills and passions into creating businesses aligned with her values.

Lucy and Ingrid have joined forces for this special episode to discuss their shared passion for personal development, authenticity, and making a positive impact in the world.They also excitedly reveal an upcoming Italy retreat that they are partnering on, promising a transformative and enriching experience for participants.

In this conversation we explored the following themes:

Personal Development and Authenticity: Lucy and Ingrid share pivotal moments in their lives that have shaped their perspectives and actions. They highlight the importance of pursuing desires and leveraging opportunities to live authentically.

Impact of Fear: The conversation delves into the impact of fear on one's actions and choices, emphasizing the need to overcome it with courageous action to lead a fulfilling life.

Closing the Gap:
The conversation explores the challenge of bridging the gap between ideal values and real-life actions.Both guests highlight the importance of authenticity and generosity and advocate for a balanced approach between rational and intuitive thinking.

Balancing Thinking Styles:
Lucy discusses the balance between the right and left sides of human thinking and the need to find a bridge between them. She mentions the over-quantification of life in modern society and how genuine quality often emerges from unmeasurable experiences.

Definition of Success:
The episode concludes with a focus on the definition of success, featuring a quote from Maya Angelou about self-liking and authenticity in one's actions.

Enough is enough:
The conversation ends with a reference to Lucy's recent TED Talk, where she introduces the concept of taking oneself and others by the hand and boldly declaring "enough is enough."
This concept challenges the prevailing cultural narrative that constantly tells individuals they are not enough, urging a shift toward authenticity and self-acceptance.

LISTEN NOW to explore the rich insights shared by Lucy and Ingrid, and discover how their experiences and wisdom can inspire you to live authentically and aligned with your values.

Lucy's Insights:
- Lucy discusses the concept of purpose, noting how it has been commercialized and can create a constant sense of striving and inadequacy.
- She emphasizes the importance of personal self-responsibility and highlights the role of systemic changes in creating more humane workplaces.

Ingrid's Insights:
- Ingrid stresses the significance of identifying one's values and being authentic.
- She believes that if everyone were their full authentic selves, the world would operate more effectively and empathetically.

Check out the details of their exciting partnership for the upcoming Italy retreat, promising a profound and life-changing experience

I hope this enjoyed this epiosde and it inpires you to live a well, connected and meaningful life both personally and professionally.

What’s your biggest insight or takeaway, leave a comment and let us know.

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To listen to a previous ocnversation I had with Lucy : Wellthy Living Conversations EP 9:Reclaiming hope, heart and healing

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I’m Lisa, a facilitator and coach for life, leadership and workplace welbeing. To find out more about my services you can visit my website www.wellthyliving.com.au or connect with me on all social media channels.
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