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552 | How To Use AI To Boost Your Business With Grant Brott

552 | How To Use AI To Boost Your Business With Grant Brott
Dec 12, 2023 · 1h 23m 12s

Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual: - AI with a former Marine and SEO expert. - Grant Brought shares insights on AI,...

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Use the timestamps below to guide you better as a leader or individual:

- AI with a former Marine and SEO expert.
- Grant Brought shares insights on AI, including its definition, limitations, and potential applications.
- Chris LoCurto explains AI to small business owners, emphasizing prompts and communication.
- AI benefits for small businesses, including social media marketing.
- AI can benefit small businesses like Charlotte's bakery with personalized marketing suggestions during holidays like Thanksgiving.
- Chris LoCurto and Speaker 2 discuss the potential benefits of using AI for small businesses, including social media posting and brainstorming ideas.
- Speaker 2 demonstrates how to use chat GPT to create social media posts and images, and provides examples of how it can help with content creation and research.
- Using AI tool ChatGPT for content creation and research.
- Chris LoCurto discusses the potential of AI language model GPT to generate high-quality content, such as step-by-step processes, with the ability to fact-check and make adjustments.
- The model's accuracy is limited to 2021, and it may not have all the information needed, so it's important to fact-check and make adjustments as needed.
- Chris LoCurto and Speaker 2 discuss the potential of ChatGPT for small businesses, highlighting its ability to assist with research and formatting tasks.
- They demonstrate how ChatGPT can be used to find answers to questions, provide citations, and even upscale or downscale images, among other capabilities.
- Speaker 2 recommends starting with chat GPT, a free AI tool, for beginners, as it has advanced data analysis capabilities and can generate images.
- Speaker 2 also mentions Claude, another AI tool with similar features, but with cleaner responses and image generation capabilities.
- Data importance and best practices for AI implementation.
- Speaker 2 emphasizes the importance of providing clean and complete data to AI systems for successful implementation.
- Using AI to create content in a person's voice and tone.
- Chris LoCurto shares his experience with using AI to make his content more engaging and funny, such as using ChatGPT to rewrite a process document or a letter to clients.
- He encourages listeners to utilize AI on their existing content, such as data they've already written, to create new and improved content.
- Speaker 2 demonstrates how AI can create content in a person's voice and tone using a small amount of audio input.
- A journalist was able to bypass voice authentication security measures using a cloned version of their voice, highlighting the accuracy of voice cloning technology.
- Using AI to improve customer engagement and support.
- AI can improve customer engagement and support by drafting responses to reviews and providing personalized responses.
- Chris LoCurto wants to use AI to adjust his tone and make his responses more engaging and compassionate.
- He suggests using AI to rewrite responses to negative reviews in a more friendly and caring manner.
- Personality styles and communication techniques.
- Chris LoCurto highlights the importance of considering the person you're talking to and providing thorough answers, rather than just giving one-word responses.
- The tool being discussed can analyze a document or article and provide gaps, expanding on the information to make it more thorough.
- Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of tailoring communication to the personality style of the listener, citing examples of how he adjusts his approach based on the styles of his team members and clients.
- He encourages listeners to analyze their own communication style and adjust their approach to better connect with others, using personality assessments like the DI SC to inform their approach.
- Simplifying complex processes and SOPs using AI-powered summarization tools.
- Chris LoCurto discusses the potential of using AI to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency, citing examples of companies with lengthy processes binder and the benefits of using AI to summarize and simplify information.
- LoCurto highlights the ability of AI to pull out key points and action items from large sets of data or information, making it a valuable tool for research and analysis.
- Chris LoCurto suggests breaking down a 400-page process manual into smaller, more manageable sections with clear summaries and key action items at the top.
- Speaker 2 recommends using a user-friendly approach to processes and SOPs, with a summary at the top and detailed information below for those who want to dive deeper.
- Using AI to streamline content creation processes.
- Speaker 2 highlights the importance of providing immediate answers to users, citing the need for instant gratification in today's fast-paced world.
- Speaker 2 also suggests that listeners should ask questions and seek clarification on any concepts they don't understand, as the technology is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable.
- Speaker 2 suggests using chat GPT to streamline content creation process, saving 15-20 minutes per outline.
- Using AI in business operations and ethical considerations.
- Chris LoCurto encourages experimentation and fine-tuning of processes to increase efficiency and productivity in business.
- Speaker 2 suggests testing new processes in a "sandbox scenario" before implementing them in the actual business.
- AI-powered content creation can perpetuate biases present in training data, highlighting the need for thorough review and QA.
- Ethical use of AI tool ChatGPT.
- Speaker 2 emphasizes that AI is not meant to replace teams but can augment tasks, freeing up time for more important work.
- Concerns about data privacy and ethical use of AI are being addressed by the company, including blocks on referencing specific artists and adding guardrails to prevent misuse.
- Speaker 2 expresses concern about misinformation and privacy when using chat GPT, emphasizing the importance of ethical use of information.
- Speaker 2 mentions that chat GPT offers an enterprise model for larger companies and a business version for smaller businesses, but this has not been released yet due to privacy concerns.
- AI usage, ethics, and return on investment in business.
- LoCurto advises exporting chat sessions to a Word doc for offline reference.
- Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of understanding how AI can be used ethically in business, and the need for clear processes and training to avoid unethical practices.
- Speaker 2 is working on developing a usage policy and training program to help employees feel comfortable and confident using AI tools.
- Chris LoCurto highlights time savings as the biggest return on investment (ROI) for AI initiatives, citing an example of analyzing content on a website that used to take 5 hours and now takes 15-20 minutes with AI.
- The speaker emphasizes the importance of measuring the impact of AI on sales copy and sales outcomes, rather than just focusing on time savings.
- AI advancements and their impact on business and leadership.
- Chris LoCurto emphasizes the importance of utilizing AI for business growth and encourages team members to take the lead in discovering how to use AI for their role.
- He highlights the need for caution when implementing AI, but also stresses the potential benefits for parents to help their children.
- Leaders must keep up with rapidly changing technology, including AI advancements and new tools, to stay ahead in the business world.
- Speaker 2: GPT 3.5 to 4 upgrade shows massive knowledge growth, from 16k to 300 page novel understanding.
- AI adoption challenges and pitfalls for small businesses.
- Speaker 2 mentions that regulation is a big topic in the AI industry, with a recent meeting in Europe and executive orders passed in the US to implement regulation and safety measures.
- Speaker 2 also mentions the need for case studies of small businesses successfully implementing AI solutions
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