1 - MIKE Stroh - On BECOMING the CHANGE we wish to see in our families

Explicit 1 - MIKE Stroh - On BECOMING the CHANGE we wish to see in our families

1 0 about 1 year ago
In our first episode (ever) as your host, I (David Jurasek) interview a dear friend Mike Stroh, father of two wild and wonderful kids and a passionate mental health advocate who founded "Starts With Me".

You can find out more about Mike here: https://startswithme.ca/

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  1. 01:33
    Your STRENGTHS as a parent - Mike reflects on the double edged sword of being HONEST.
  2. 05:13
    Other strengths Mike did not recognize in himself
  3. 07:08
    What we do when our kids feel like GIVING UP... the heart-wretching reality and two good instincts often at odds.
  4. 10:15
    What it means to be POWER AND LOVING as a parent...
  5. 27:52
    Where are you most challenged and VULNERABLE as a parent? Mike reflects on being SELF-ORGANIZED...
  6. 39:23
    Being honest and COMPASSIONATE as an antidote to criticism, comparison and harsh judgement.
  7. 41:29
    HARDEST emotions to deal with as a parent...? Experiencing FRUSTRATION and IRRITATION and how we deal with it.
  8. 45:20
    Responding to ANXIETY in ourselves and our family...
  9. 49:17
    More on SELF-COMPASSION and mindfulness as a path to growth and change...
  10. 52:55
    Story of the BUDDHA demonstrating being a LOVE WARRIOR - both ASSERTIVE and deeply CARING.
  11. 58:55
    Connections between how we respond to STRESS and PEAK PERFORMANCE
  12. 61:39
    What is my GROWING EDGE as a parent?
  13. 64:21
  14. 68:28
    MIKE sets an intention and dare for himself
  15. 71:28
    Asking permission to reach out, support and celebrate with Mike around his dare.
  16. 74:09
    Reflecting on COMMUNITY and TRIBE mentality as needed to enable us THRIVE!
  17. 76:57
    More about the PARENTING COMPASS (free resource online)
  18. 77:44
    Invitation to listening parents -- DESIGNING pockets of intentional and deeply satisfying TIME with family member.
  19. 80:25
    SNEAK PEAK -- talking to HOPE next episode - grappling with UNCERTAINTY and what is real HOPE in dark times!
  20. 80:49
    How to FIND MIKE STROH... links to his work in the world helping bring honesty, consciousness, and compassion about ment

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