• Ant to Sol
    Ant to Sol
    Category: Earth Sciences
    11 Episodes
    A five minute nature-connecting podcast to help alleviate some of the pain caused by what is happening to our planet-a light, enjoyable antidote to 'solastalgia'. *Solastalgia exists when there is recognition that the place where one resides and that one loves is under assault (physical desolation)." Professor See more...
  • My Home Planet Podcast
    My Home Planet Podcast
    Category: Earth Sciences
    56 Episodes
    A podcast for seekers of planet heroes.  ​ A place where you'll meet some remarkable people who wake up each day and work for the betterment and future of our beautiful earth and those we share it with.  ​ Please join me each week and find some hope and inspiration from these wonderful earth advocates-those who take small wor See more...
  • Wilderkids (for parents of eco kids)
    A monthly podcast for parents/teachers of eco kids. Connecting kids to nature to save our planet. Interviews with authors, photographers, scientists, conservationists and educationists. Reviews of books, films and event. (A proud member of the Twig.fm extraordinary women podcasters for the planet channel) Also available See more...