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  • Classic Raiders
    Classic Raiders
    Category: Sports
    14 Episodes
    1,083 27
    This is Classic Raiders, where we have some of our greatest games from North Brunswick Township High School athletics that we have broadcasted on the King James Radio Network since our inception on September 17, 2011.
  • Crossroads
    Category: Sports
    7 Episodes
    897 55
    Here at the Crossroads, we talk with some of the best sports media personalities from around the nation to discover the key moments of their careers, and the hard decisions that came along the way. Crossroads forces you to turn left, or turn right. What will YOU do at your crossroads?
  • Jersey Basketball Association
    Jersey Basketball Association
    Category: Basketball
    191 Episodes
    33,370 1,186
    Season #3 of the Jersey Basketball Association is on the King James Radio Network. KJRN founder Korbid Thompson calls the action, where the young stars of tomorrow are in the spotlight. For more information, visit
  • King James Jr.
    King James Jr.
    Category: Sports
    12 Episodes
    1,828 68
    This is King James Jr., where we focus on the young athletes of tomorrow with live broadcasts of selected youth sports games throughout the state of New Jersey, specifically baseball/softball, football, and basketball.
  • King James Radio Network
    King James Radio Network
    Category: Sports
    45 Episodes
    5,762 274
    Here are some of our various shows and game excerpts that have been aired on the King James Radio Network. You can catch our lineup at
  • KJRN Featured Live Games
    KJRN Featured Live Games
    Category: Sports
    31 Episodes
    2,538 381
    This is where you will hear live games, including the Greater Middlesex Conference Tournament semifinals and finals on the King James Radio Network. Keep in mind that a certain game may not stay up here too long, so catch it while you can.
  • North Brunswick Raiders Baseball
    North Brunswick Raiders Baseball
    Category: Baseball
    81 Episodes
    11,904 626
    This is your home for North Brunswick Raiders Baseball and Softball from North Brunswick, New Jersey.

    Mark Blevins takes over as the sixth coach in the 43-year history of Raiders Baseball, and his first task will be replace the loss of first baseman and pitcher Eric Reardon to graduation(Rutgers). Eric Vazquez takes over as the ace of ... See More
  • North Brunswick Raiders Basketball
    North Brunswick Raiders Basketball
    Category: Basketball
    48 Episodes
    5,203 268
    North Brunswick Raiders Basketball is on the King James Radio Network. .

    North Brunswick Raiders Basketball on KJRN is presented by the North Brunswick Basketball Association at

    The boys look to get back on the map in the Greater Middlesex Conference with head coach Ed Breheney(362-296), now in his 28th season. ... See More
  • North Brunswick Raiders Football
    North Brunswick Raiders Football
    Category: Football
    28 Episodes
    6,052 143
    North Brunswick Raiders Football returns for its seventh season on the King James Radio Network with a new head coach, when Mike Cipot at the helm.

    Raiders Football on KJRN is presented by the North Brunswick Baseball & Softball Association, at, along with Route 1 Dental at
  • North Brunswick Raiders Girls Volleyball
    North Brunswick Raiders Girls Volleyball
    Category: Sports
    29 Episodes
    700 58
    North Brunswick Lady Raiders Volleyball resides here, as first year head coach Kim Lynch takes over the program, with the Lady Raiders trying to rebuild into a contender of the Greater Middlesex Conference.
  • Out of the Blue and Orange
    Out of the Blue and Orange
    Category: Baseball
    33 Episodes
    2,087 156
  • Restoration Place
    Restoration Place
    Category: Religion
    67 Episodes
    2,778 352
    Restoration Christian Ministries presents Restoration Place, featuring pastors John and Darlene Bazemore, who present the Word of God in order to encourage everyone through our daily lives.
  • Timothy Christian Tigers Basketball
    Timothy Christian Tigers Basketball
    Category: Basketball
    38 Episodes
    2,618 190
    Our fifth season of Timothy Christian Tigers Basketball is on the air, as 11th year head coach Miriam Hartzler leads the Lady Tigers, and the boys have a new head coach, as Fran Decker takes over.
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