Episode 237 - Q&A with Rob Sherwood, NC0B and the IC-705

Episode 237 - Q&A with Rob Sherwood, NC0B and the IC-705

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Rob Sherwood, NC0B stops by to make a follow up visit after the show three weeks ago to take your questions since the phones acted up and we ran out of time. Plus, he's had a chance to test the ICOM IC-705 since then, so we'll talk about the results.

Be sure to call with your questions at 859-982-7373 or tweet us at HamTalkLive. Or if you're logged into Spreaker, leave us a comment during the show with your question.

Rob's web site: nc0b.com


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    ICOM November 2020
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    N9GSU Joke of the Week QRM
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    Phonotrash - Quantum Bubbles


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