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  • Brooklyn's Journey (Archives)
    Brooklyn's Journey (Archives)
    Category: Education
    12 Episodes
    273 769
    Follow along with Brooklyn as she makes her journey from male to female. She will share her life with you and try to explain what she experiences in her day to day life. Being transgender is not an easy road. Brooklyn hopes that people will gain an insight into what a transgender persons life looks like. Her only hope is to help people ... See More
  • Consensually Speaking with Gio
    Consensually Speaking with Gio
    Category: Education
    19 Episodes
    3 421
    Welcome to Consensually Speaking with Gio, a kink-centric, sex positive, podcast that aims to educate, inform and entertain with a light-hearted, conversational, and comedic flavor. NSFW, sexual content and language.
    Dare To Bare (Coming Soon!)
    Category: Education
    0 Episodes
    0 0
  • Journeys (Archives)
    Journeys (Archives)
    Category: Education
    0 Episodes
    0 51
    Conversations with (and about) transgender and nonbinary people. This show is looking for a new host, either under this name, or a new one. If you are transgender, nonbinary, or an ally and would like to take up this project, please contact Camille.
  • Kink Clinic
    Kink Clinic
    Category: Education
    8 Episodes
    46 645
    Sexual health specialist and BDSM educator Lady Severine with her cohost, Crisis Counsellor and kinkster Mina Hyena answer your anonymous questions. No question too small and no fetish too bizarre!
  • Kinkyboys Podcast
    Kinkyboys Podcast
    Category: Education
    31 Episodes
    33 621
    Two london boys exploring the ins and outs, kinks and roles of the gay bdsm and kink scene
  • Kinky Queer Revolution
    Kinky Queer Revolution
    Category: Education
    18 Episodes
    315 699
    Coffee, Kink, and Community.
  • Practically Kinky
    Practically Kinky
    Category: Education
    57 Episodes
    344 11,069
    Practically kinky is a podcast devoted to practical, hands-on discussions about kink: how to enjoy it to the full, blend it with your vanilla life and make the whole shibang work.
  • SadoMasoCast (Archives)
    SadoMasoCast (Archives)
    0 Episodes
    0 0
    The SadoMasoCast is a podcast that is being put together with a focus on real-world​ BDSM. The podcast will focus on covering current news, upcoming events, the organizations and crazy characters within the world of BDSM.

    The main focus will be on actual participants and the realities of real life participation within the world of ... See More
  • Slave Nation (Coming Soon!)
    Slave Nation (Coming Soon!)
    Category: Education
    0 Episodes
    0 0
    A talk show based in Master/slave Dominance/submission Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism.

    We aim to educate people in ALL aspects of this life, not simply the kink side. In living this both strictly in the bedroom as well as full time as a complete life. The risks involved. The joys and pains mentally emotionally and ... See More
  • Stereo-Typed
    Category: Education
    54 Episodes
    4,167 8,967
    There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding what we do, and who we are. Sometimes, these misconceptions give us a chuckle at our local dungeon, but sometimes, the broad-stroke generalizations may cause confusion, or even alienation.

    Our communities have history. We have traditions. We have our own lexicon. Words have meaning, and ... See More
  • Stereo-Typed's Fetish Philes
    Stereo-Typed's Fetish Philes
    Category: Education
    10 Episodes
    534 1,061
    Exploring sexual interests (kinks, fetishes and philias) through the eyes and experiences of those who enjoy them.

    Everyone's experience is different, so your mileage may vary. If you have a different experience, please contact Camille/AuntieSocial to be a guest on the show. That's the beauty of this show. We can do the ... See More
  • The 3rd Rail with PreacherBear & Cypress
    The 3rd Rail with PreacherBear & Cypress
    Category: Education
    68 Episodes
    7,351 9,603
    A weekly show hosted by PreacherBear and Cypress. Each week, the hosts choose a topic (or topics) related to BDSM, kink, or the world in general. Informative and entertaining.
  • The Pageist
    The Pageist
    Category: Education
    51 Episodes
    1,883 5,750
    The Pageist is a podcast, which focuses on reviews of books about BDSM, sex education, ethical non-monogamy, sex work, gender issues, the science of sex–you name it. I also have authors of those sorts of books, as well as other people with experience in kink or sex education, on the show to talk about a range of kinky, sexy things.
    The ... See More
  • The Rainbow Connection
    The Rainbow Connection
    Category: Education
    27 Episodes
    3,068 6,897
    The Rainbow Connection: Kinky, Sexy, Healthy, hosted by slave rainbow, discusses everything from sex to spirituality to mental health, from the perspective of s-type individuals. The focus is on holistic health in a D/s dynamic, and draws on rainbow's healthcare background, as well as the personal experiences of her guest cohosts. ... See More
    There's No Place Like Kink
    Category: Education
    0 Episodes
    0 0
  • The Sex Guy
    The Sex Guy
    Category: Education
    6 Episodes
    476 586
    The Sex Guy is hosted by Nick Harding, a PhD candidate at the University of Southampton, U.K.

    Listen to hear Nick (The Sex Guy) take on matters such as casual sex, cybersex, divorce, escorting, friends with benefits, infidelity, jealousy, love, marriage, masturbation, monogamy, nonmonogamy, paying for sex, polygamy, polyamory, ... See More
  • TPOK Live!
    TPOK Live!
    Category: Education
    327 Episodes
    13,130 160,110
    TPOK Live! is a TPOK Radio show that features
    - Broadcast from live events,
    - Hosts from a variety of TPOK shows (and guests) get together to have a roundtable discussion
    0 Episodes
    0 0
    This is not a show - it is a practice area for new people to the network.
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