The Chonilla Network

The Chonilla Network

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  • CHOke
    Category: Music
    1 Episode
    52 54
    Sherley aka CHO checks out some live music in and around Montreal from time to time or host a karaoke style and fun music trivia show.
  • Chonilla
    Category: Entertainment
    7 Episodes
    7,679 7,222
    CHONILLA is a portmanteau of chocolate & vanilla! We use the Podcast medium as our personal journal. Our long term goal are to keep having fun, while we grow the show into a network of like minded shows that our listeners can enjoy, and participate in the fun. 

    We are very opinionated and love sharing our unique experiences from ... See More
  • Chonilla Sisters
    Chonilla Sisters
    Category: Children
    17 Episodes
    1,898 1,016
    Have a listen to CHO & NILLA's from the Podcast and their mini girly cuties Princess and Baby talking to their mom & dad about their little but vast world.

  • Gaining Health
    Gaining Health
    Category: Talk
    0 Episodes
    128 112
  • Tastes Like Fried Chicken
    Tastes Like Fried Chicken
    Category: Talk
    7 Episodes
    111 163
    Owen is a construction worker from Halifax who has a flair for digging into the facts.

    Chill is a force of nature who makes her home in Miami and delivers the ‘Realness’ at point blank range. Suckas have been warned!

    They come together to discuss topics that ranges from the absurd to effects of history on present day life. They enjoy ... See More
  • The Kakle
    The Kakle
    Category: Talk
    9 Episodes
    284 1,288
    If life's rapids taking you out of control, well "The Kakle" is the jacket you certainly need in your life!

    Listen to various opinions and explore issues from topics related to Parenting, Family, Culture, Sisterhood, Business, Health and more. You'll also hear "The Kakle Gang" chime in occasionally and ... See More
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