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  • Beyond and More
    Category: Talk
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    This is an eclectic collection of discussions/interviews that extend the original discussion began as a result of the release of Surface Dirty: The Superficial Assessment of a Woman.
  • Beyond the Surface
    Category: Talk
    83 Episodes 7,113 Plays
    This is a eclectic collection of interviews/conversations by Dr. Wanda J. Evans-Brewer with unsung heroes, people committed to "paying it forward" and progressive thinkers. This is done in an effort to share intelligent internet radio laced with street reality, and good ole' fashion wisdom.
  • Beyond the Surface Radio Launches
    Category: Talk
    4 Episodes 436 Plays
    This is a short collection of interviews/discussions that support the launch of Beyond the Surface Radio.
  • Introducing Beyond The Surface
    Category: Talk
    9 Episodes 365 Plays
    Welcome to Beyond The Surface Radio...committed to continuing the dialogue about ways to navigate safely through relational waters in the millennium. The goal is to empower listeners with tools to ward-off deceptions and remove toxic connections in an effort to stay true to ones self while discovering a "God-fearing" life-mate.