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  • Cafe Funk
    Category: Music
    26 Tracks 7,286 Plays
    Old School Soul R&B,House,Techno, Disco, Funk,New Wave,( Shows): In The Groove, Mid Day Funk
  • Classic Soul
    Category: Music
    19 Tracks 1,027 Plays
    Classic r& b soul from 1950s-1970s, such artists as Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson , male ,female groups, Also show ( Black Star Wars )
  • Classic Thunder
    Category: Music
    34 Tracks 21,878 Plays
    Classic Rock & Roll, Disco, Country and Western
  • Detroit Gold 313
    Category: Music
    55 Tracks 7,729 Plays
    The pride and memories of the Motor City, Shows including (( Black Star Wars, Funk Humpin, love Alive )
  • Midnight Love
    Category: Music
    27 Tracks 13,873 Plays
    Seductive , smooth, romantic ballads, JazzFusion, Neo Soul and blend of old school artists,Smooth Groove, R&B ,Jazz, Romantic Ballads
  • ReBirth
    Category: Talk
    62 Tracks 5,779 Plays
  • The Blues Thing
    Category: Music
    25 Tracks 6,863 Plays
    Classic Blues
  • The Jazz Thing
    Category: Music
    87 Tracks 14,338 Plays
    Smooth Jazz,
  • World Gone Mad
    Category: Talk
    37 Tracks 3,574 Plays
    I'll be back soon! Till then, you better lock your windows and doors. They're coming for you, Barbara!