Liberty Never Sleeps 06/07/18 Show

Liberty Never Sleeps 06/07/18 Show

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WARNING: The last few minutes of today's show was lost due to a technical problem

End of the week and we cover some of the more ridiculous news stories about Trump. Some words on government, the role of Congress and how the media and leftists are getting frustrated at every turn.

*The 'Inclusive' Salad
*Melania and Novice Analysis
*Red California
*Once Again, Investigations
*Comey, the Drama Queen
*Limiting the POTUS War Powers
*Why do they Say Trump is Lying? ... See More


  1. 00:00
    The Inclusive Salad and 'IHOb'
  2. 28:39
    Melania and the Media
  3. 44:23
    Investigations and Jim Comey
  4. 59:14
    Limited the President's Power

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