Liberty Never Sleeps 05/03/18 Show

Liberty Never Sleeps 05/03/18 Show

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Lots of little updates to stories as we end the week. Some discussion on the legal manuever of Team Trump and some insight into what is going on with North Korea as well as the Boy Scouts

*Show Updates
*Artifacts and Hobby Lobby
*Stormy Daniels Blows Up
*The Mueller Questions
*Hostages Being Released
*They Just Can't Stand It
*Boy Scouts Rename
*Title X Changes Coming

Today's Bumpers:

Haze - Dishwalla
Summer Breeze- Seals and Crofts
"Willy Wonka's ... See More


  1. 00:00
    Updates to The Show
  2. 06:47
    Artifacts and Hobby Lobby
  3. 19:38
    Stormy Daniels and Giuliani
  4. 34:05
    North Korea and How They Just Can't Stand It
  5. 50:47
    Boy Scouts and Achievers Unlimited
  6. 62:00
    Title X Funding Changes

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