How To Get Away With Murder (Explicit)

Explicit How To Get Away With Murder (Explicit)

2 6 2 months ago
WTF Is Wrong America?
(Explicit Version)

I don't see anything wrong with living in a reality where the history of false narratives and defeated enemies are no longer able to keep their positions. What I find amazing is the fact people are openly displaying a lack of leadership and the masses continues to allow it to slide.

When I speak of Black Lives Matter in today's episode, I speak from a human perspective and not the organization. I see the pattern of allowing the hidden ... See More


  1. 00:00
    Intro & Theme
  2. 02:05
    Guilty By Complacency
  3. 05:34
    Robinhood Commercial
  4. 06:04
    Getting On Board
  5. 06:54
    Logic Of The Dead
  6. 08:48
    Yo Dawg, What's Your Issue?
  7. 12:13
    Here's My Question...
  8. 13:34
    Don't Be Afraid
  9. 15:50
    A New Wave Of Doing Things
  10. 22:14
    Can't You See (Music)
  11. 24:53
    GNO What's Wrong
  12. 29:54
    Are You One Of Them?
  13. 35:09
    What's The End Result?
  14. 37:40
    Isn't It Already Illegal
  15. 41:38
    If All Lives Matter
  16. 44:05
    Nobody Does (Music)
  17. 45:59
    The Good Old Boys
  18. 51:32
    Reflecting On Chaos
  19. 54:32
    Gno Your Role
  20. 59:00
    Neons Lives Will Matter (Show Closing Out)

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