#sonoflibertyradio - Lies Are Politics

Explicit #sonoflibertyradio - Lies Are Politics

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Why do they want smokers to keep smoking?

Who profits when smokers keep smoking?

How much money is spent to steer smokers away from less harmful alternatives?

Tonight's #sonoflibertyradio will focus on these questions, this week in vaping news, devices exploding, brothers fighting over vaping, and whatever pops up between now and 11pm est tonight.

Join us at www.smokefreeradio.com and play along at home. Listener participation is welcome.


  1. 00:01
    Debbie Is A Liar
  2. 00:09
    Royal Deluxe - Savages
  3. 04:12
    Eagle Stinger 2
  4. 109:16
  5. 109:22
    Grandson - 6:00 [Explicit]

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