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Explicit #sonoflibertyradio - Crushed

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Let's redefine "vape tricks".

I'm not talking about cool shapes and "rings" or jellyfish or whatever.

Let's discuss the trick our enemies have pulled on the public. The way people who lie about "saving lives" by demonizing a technology that has been proven time and again to help keep smokers from smoking.

Who tricked the states into creating "vape taxes" that raise no money and scare smokers away from vaping?

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  1. 00:00
    Debbie Is A Liar
  2. 00:06
    Valley Of Wolves - Out For Blood
  3. 04:45
    Eagle Stinger 2
  4. 160:31
  5. 160:37
    Oh The Larceny - Real Good Feeling

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