Episode 7: Facebook Ads for Subscription Businesses

Episode 7: Facebook Ads for Subscription Businesses

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The MuteSix team recently partnered with ReCharge Payments for an in-depth webinar covering Facebook ads for subscription businesses. In this episode of the podcast, Stewart asks Steve the same 10 questions to get his expert opinion. This is truly a can't-miss episode for anyone with a subscription business.


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    What do you recommend as a minimum advertising budget for testing the waters for a new subscription box service?
  3. 03:06
    What can I do on Facebook with a small budget to increase subscriptions at my store?
  4. 04:48
    What are your top 3 tips for paid ads and/or conversion attribution for a new subscription store?
  5. 07:56
    How should I target international customers on Facebook?
  6. 10:17
    How can I convert repeat single-purchase customers to subscription customers?
  7. 12:29
    What are the main differences between advertising regular products vs. subscriptions?
  8. 14:27
    What are the best ways to target people who are most likely to become customers?
  9. 16:06
    What are the best ways to use video in your Facebook advertising campaigns and sales funnel?
  10. 18:41
    How can I generate interest in my subscription product and drive urgency without offering a discount or devaluing my pro
  11. 20:10
    What are the best ways to get someone to try my product?
  12. 22:20
    Final Thoughts


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