Episode 499: Withnail & I (1987)

Episode 499: Withnail & I (1987)

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We're looking at a film about the end of the β€˜60s, Bruce Robinson's Withnail & I. Released in 1987, the film stars Richard E. Grant as the titular Withnall -- an acerbic drunk who, along with the titular, I (Paul McGann) -- go on holiday by mistake. It's an examination of a friendship between two out of work actors.

Jon Cross and Vincenzo Natali join Mike to talk about the movie while actor Ralph Brown (Danny the drug dealer) and Kim Leggatt (co-director of An Accidental ... See More


  1. 02:44
    First discussion begins
  2. 64:04
    Commercial Break
  3. 66:40
    Ralph Brown Interview
  4. 96:16
    Kim Leggatt Interview
  5. 133:14
    Second discussion begins
  6. 143:11
    Preview for Brazil
  7. 143:41
    Wrap up discussion

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