Episode 14 - We're Doing The Thing Now

Episode 14 - We're Doing The Thing Now

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In this week’s episode, we dive into a handful of games in the Pile of Shame.

Jeff Johnson talks about Night Call, a murder mystery where you play as a cab driver trying to piece together who is the murderer at large in Paris, France.

We also talk about The Messenger, a game that claims to be inspired by the Ninja Gaiden series, but ends up playing more like a cross between the Illusion of Gaia and Mega Man X.

And finally, we talk about Minecraft, everyone’s favorite time destroyer. ... See More


  1. 00:01
    new gameon podcast intro
  2. 00:48
    messenger shopkeeper music bed
  3. 02:54
    GameOn - C:\Documents and Settings\User
  4. 03:02
    new gameon podcast imaging 3
  5. 10:28
    do a barrel roll game on liner
  6. 10:40
  7. 11:08
    new gameon podcast imaging 1
  8. 22:14
    maurice lamarche morbo liner short
  9. 22:22
    music mash up game on promo
  10. 22:50
    new gameon podcast imaging 4
  11. 32:57
    new podcast extro music bed

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