86. Marvel's Blade Could Be the Sharpest Avenger

86. Marvel's Blade Could Be the Sharpest Avenger

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We're very excited for the upcoming Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali, and to celebrate that, we watched the original Blade movie starring Wesley Snipes. We discuss Blade's origin in the comics, the possibility of him fighting the Sinister Six, and all of his cool abilities and gadgets.

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  1. 01:42
    Erin and Jessica Hadn't Seen Blade Before
  2. 02:40
    Blade's First Appearance in the Comics
  3. 04:38
    Blade (1998)
  4. 07:59
    Blade in the Comics vs. Blade in the Movie
  5. 13:18
  6. 15:00
    Blade's Abilities
  7. 16:44
    Blade's Weapons and Gadgets
  8. 18:23
    What We Liked and Didn't Like About It
  9. 27:58
    Rotten Tomatoes Game and Box Office
  10. 31:43
    Mahershala Ali Will Be the Next Blade

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