Episode #32 -Deck The Frauds With Boughs Of Folly-

Explicit Episode #32 -Deck The Frauds With Boughs Of Folly-

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Exposing a fraud booker who just happens to be a registered sex offender. Hmmmm, you want this person at your signings or around your kids? The guy who continues to cover for him financially?? Whats up with that?

What's up with another promoter getting called out on FB about refunds and no showing a signing with announced guests?

Ricky O calls in to talk a little wrestling, and to reveal his The Big Event return & guest.

Have some people to call about these topics including the one ... See More


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    d365 - Indy Supershow Sea6 Intro
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    d365 - Indy Supershow Outro Sea6

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