Episode #14 -New Week Same Problem, Shady Promoters-

Explicit Episode #14 -New Week Same Problem, Shady Promoters-

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Tonight on the Indy Supershow

We are joined by Christopher Ott and he will break down all the issues he has had with RF's Rob Feinstein. From the Roddy Piper prints to this year's Wrestlecon.

Also, we will get to the bottom of the last minute mysterious cancelation of a fundraiser show in Butler PA. The promoter is blaming the hotel and the hotel says they have no idea about any of this. They weren't informed by 5 Star Wrestling but instead by fans calling to confirm the news. Is promoter ... See More


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    d365 - Indy Supershow Sea6 Intro
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    d365 - WOW Web Promo #1
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    d365 - Indy Supershow Outro Sea6

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