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  • A Glance into Eternity
    A Glance into Eternity
    Category: Spirituality
    1 Episode
    0 1
    As humans, we, to one degree or other, are all curious about why we are here on earth. Maybe it is a wakeup call---through an accident, tragic loss, divorce or another of life’s traumatic events. At some point in our lives, that thought becomes vitally important to us.

    Who am I? Why Am I Here? What is the Significance of My ... See More
  • Animal Wisdom Stories
    Animal Wisdom Stories
    Category: Spirituality
    11 Episodes
    283 47
    Please join Miriam's FB Group where the journey continues!

    Miriam is an animal communicator, Reiki Master, a writer and filmmaker.
    Her horse helped her heal her heart from trauma and she made the short documentary , "Talking To Golden Arrow“ about her journey.

    In this ... See More
  • Be Bold, Be Fierce, Be YOU
    Be Bold, Be Fierce, Be YOU
    Category: University
    22 Episodes
    388 115
    Be Bold, Be Fierce, Be YOU! with Tatia

    This is a show about living life on Purpose, for a Purpose.


    By being bold enough to detach and reframe the past so forgiveness can delete the negatives.

    Be Fiercely persistent to choose what you do want to live. Every day, move forward creating fierce momentum by changing your mindset ... See More
  • Bellies, Babies &  Birth
    Bellies, Babies & Birth
    Category: Health
    7 Episodes
    145 80
    This is the podcast to listen to for all things birth related. We talk pelvises, pregnancy, post partum recovery, sex, exercise and nutrition, not to mention self-care, that ever elusive space mamas need to regain their confidence, find a new groove and feel like themselves again. It takes a tribe!

    We'll be building community ... See More
  • BMPOWHERD 4 Your Health
    BMPOWHERD 4 Your Health
    Category: University
    4 Episodes
    63 10
    Join Well-Fit Warrior NIKKI-MONIQUE and Special Guests on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS as you BE EMPOWERD with top WELLNESS and FITNESS techniques that will improve your HEALTH through your Mind, Body & Soul.

    Connect with Nikki


    INSTAGRAM : ... See More
  • Brave Healing
    Brave Healing
    Category: Writing
    25 Episodes
    879 391
    Brave Healing; Words that change the world!

    Laura Di Franco, MPT is an intuitive writing strategist, holistic physical therapist and third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do with over two decades of experience in healing.

    Praised as “our favorite class” by The Writer’s Center, her brave, intuitive writing and healing workshops are ... See More
  • Broke is No Joke
    Broke is No Joke
    Category: Children
    5 Episodes
    62 16
    Meet Josh Zepess, relentless Freedom Fighter and the Founder and Principal Unbroker of Lifesaver Leadership Development.

    He is a corporate America escapee that fortunately made it out with his life instead of serving a life sentence. After 20 years of climbing the ladder as an engineer and executive, he saw that the ladder was ... See More
  • Create a Life you Love
    Create a Life you Love
    Category: Business
    45 Episodes
    1,576 1,456
    Sarah has been in the Health & Fitness industry for 25yrs and loves it! She has always lived her life with a positive mindset and believes that with the right guidance everyone can life a life that they love. Sarah will encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle and give advice on how to live a happy, fulfilled life. She is a ... See More
  • Create the Wow of Walt in Your Business
    He was a visionary, a cutting-edge animator, a creator of the impossible, a brilliant marketer and a daring entrepreneur. Experts, media, almost everybody thought he was Goofy – a dreamer whom did not understand reality. Yet, he went from dreamer to dream-maker, creating perhaps the most recognizable character on the face of the planet ... See More
  • Creativity Playbook
    Creativity Playbook
    Category: Arts
    16 Episodes
    229 43
    Your host Michelle Hammons will help you discover new ideas, routines and habits to lead a visionary life. We are each uniquely made and gifted with our purpose, but often we struggle to find who we are, what is meaningful work and our contribution to the world. She helps you discover and think about your own creative gifts. Michelle ... See More
  • Do YOU Dare?
    Do YOU Dare?
    Category: University
    4 Episodes
    112 9
    Do you Dare? with Carina Ghionzoli

    The show explored humanity, its fears and taboos.
    Topics such as suicide, addiction and others, daring you to look at yourself, transform yourself and look at society!

    listen if you dare!
  • Dreams to Profits
    Dreams to Profits
    Category: Travel
    8 Episodes
    173 28
    Welcome to the Dreams to Profits radio show where we talk all about creating business magic and following your dreams. One key way you do this is through the experiences you develop with your clients through things like events, workshops, and retreats.

    On the show you will hear tips and advice for using a retreat and event style ... See More
  • EcoVentures Radio
    EcoVentures Radio
    Category: Environment
    14 Episodes
    352 46
    Welcome to the many hats of Cindie Byers, M. Ed. — Author, Climate Reality Leader, Ecoliteracy Specialist, Environmental Activist, Animation Producer and Director, NGSS/STEM Integration Specialist, Transformational Change Specialist, Cindie Byers, M. Ed., provides consulting, education and training programs for private, public, and ... See More
  • GetUpNGrow
    Category: Spirituality
    4 Episodes
    260 43
    In Life, It's not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get up. Fall down 7, Get up 8! #GetUpNGrow

    Tony is Proud Dad & Husband, Leader, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker, Coach, Mentor, Believer, Dreamer/Doer.

    In his weekly show, GetUpNGrow, Tony interviews Inspirational guests who share their real life ... See More
  • High Performance Leadership
    High Performance Leadership
    Category: Business
    18 Episodes
    473 332
    Stephen is a John Maxwell certified coach/trainer and speaker, who is consulting with a faith-based organization. He worked in the social profit sector dealing with homelessness and domestic violence outreach.

    Stephen served as a pastor for twenty years in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, Canada seeing growth in the young people’s ... See More
  • J.O.Y. with Rala Brubaker
    J.O.Y. with Rala Brubaker
    Category: Talk
    7 Episodes
    272 0
    Rala is a mom of three, surfer, runner, crossfitter, lazy movie watcher, dog lover and travel starved… she guides, nudgess, ass kicks and in anything else to help YOU Choose, Design AND Create a Life that is worth living instead of living your Mom or Grandma’s life of shoulds.
    Rala believes it is your divine imperative to get out ... See More
  • 'Let’s Talk Relationships and Life'
    'Let’s Talk Relationships and Life'
    Category: Business
    33 Episodes
    1,842 2,064
    "Let's Talk Relationships and Life', Louise Armstrong is a Healer of Hearts and allows women to love and to be loved by healing their inner wounds whilst teaching them how to create loving, emotional connections with others.
  • Life Unscripted
    Life Unscripted
    Category: Business
    16 Episodes
    718 1,051
    Let’s face it, we were all born into life with scripts, labels, expectations, and set road maps but many just like we did, once upon a time ended up feeling unfulfilled. There had to be more just merely existing. More than routine, more than living in a box, to drive a box, to sitting in a box, to going home just to turn on a box and ... See More
  • Money Rock Stars
    Money Rock Stars
    Category: Spirituality
    11 Episodes
    355 11
    Join the conscious money conversation with Michelle Cooper and her guests. Each week Michelle talks about the concept of conscious money and the Laws of the Universe that affect our abundance.
  • Quantum Leap YOUR Future
    Quantum Leap YOUR Future
    Category: Business
    22 Episodes
    481 107
    Anna wears many hats in China, as a Soft Skills Trainer, Speaker and High Performance Coach.

    With over 30 years business experience and 12 years training and coaching, she is passionate about empowering women globally. As a Transition Strategist, she partners with high achieving female entrepreneurs to create the change they desire ... See More
  • Recode your D A S H
    Recode your D A S H
    Category: Business
    5 Episodes
    73 54
    Margie O’Kane is a talented educator, speaker, visionary, mentor and entrepreneur who has spent her life in service of others.

    She has a fervent commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. This innovative gifted communicator has made it her mission to support people to live their value.

    “It’s not just yourself that ... See More
  • Resurrecting YOUR Dreams
    Resurrecting YOUR Dreams
    Category: Business
    1 Episode
    27 0
    Resurrecting YOUR Dreams, WWW4E ...Ward's Wisdom Well 4 Entrepreneurs

    DOn is a Visionary that Leads Visionaries and is blamed for the success of 64 For and Non Profit Dreams, up to 9.9 Billion in funding's ...and 17 very different Industries. He built, in the 80's before the Internet, a business with 630 Locations in ... See More
  • Sacred Erotic
    Sacred Erotic
    Category: Spirituality
    16 Episodes
    1,146 4,151
    Gila Nehemia is a qualified writer, coach, and wise woman. She’s passionate about empowering people to experience a Sacred Erotic Divine Love partnership through following your heart and mindul daily practices. She believes that conscious eros partnerships shift the paradigm of love in all interpersonal relationships. It is this paradigm ... See More
  • Speaking Out
    Speaking Out
    Category: Health
    7 Episodes
    505 12
    Speaking Out with Lina Forzley is a show dedicated to topics relating to domestic violence. Listen to personal stories, words of wisdom and inspiration, domestic violence education, views on the criminal justice system and those who've triumphed after facing tremendous adversity.

    The show encourages people to speak their truth ... See More
  • The Archives
    The Archives
    Category: Business
    79 Episodes
    194 34
    Past shows from our hosts
  • The Confidence Alchemist ™
    The Confidence Alchemist ™
    Category: Business
    31 Episodes
    560 144
    Scotland’s bow-tie wearing radio host, hypnotist & magician, best-selling author, Confidence Alchemist, phobia expert, and global speaker Keith Blakemore-Noble hosts The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show, always with the same aim – to Transform Your Deepest Fears and Phobias into your Greatest Strengths.

    Some episodes feature ... See More
  • The Greatness Movement
    The Greatness Movement
    Category: Psychology
    51 Episodes
    782 860
    The Greatness Movement program is considered the ultimate self-awareness tool. We help to create conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. To create personal knowledge and growth, we must overcome our hardships and the pain we have all experienced.

    We have developed a program to achieve awareness ... See More
  • The Island Mama  Light after Loss
    The Island Mama Light after Loss
    Category: Spirituality
    10 Episodes
    149 11
    Light After Loss radio show spotlights women who share their grief and loss stories. Whether you have experienced a miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or infertility, you will learn about resources and strategies to heal, gain clarity, peace, hope, and find your Light After Loss. Join Dr. Annette Stephenson every other week as she ... See More
  • The ProfitLevers
    The ProfitLevers
    Category: Business
    20 Episodes
    297 142
    Jason Withers is a profit growth strategist and profit mentor, he helps entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve and exceed their profit goals.

    Business owners receive Jason’s powerful mix of CFO, consulting and coaching skills to support their efficient and profitable business growth, through one on one strategy sessions, ... See More
  • The Raw Truth
    The Raw Truth
    Category: Spirituality
    7 Episodes
    125 28
    Tracy Hamilton is a heart-centered Trauma Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Speaker, Facilitator and survivor. After many years of working with clinical therapists, coaches, and healers to recover from her childhood sexual abuse, Tracy learned to love again and trust herself. She is devoted to helping other survivors move through the trauma ... See More
  • The Uncommon Woman
    The Uncommon Woman
    Category: University
    9 Episodes
    316 33
    The Uncommon Woman Radio Show, hosted by Marlo Ellis, Visionary at The Uncommon Woman, Transformational Speaker, Coach of Divine Feminine Leaders and Founder of Soul Sister Retreats, is a show for women who are ready to expand their consciousness and live lives full of stories they love to tell!

    Every Monday and Thursday Marlo will ... See More
  • Up YOUR Vibe
    Up YOUR Vibe
    Category: Psychology
    27 Episodes
    744 101
    Paula is a very successful entrepreneur, author, radio show host and life strategist with exceptional creativity Paula is a very successful entrepreneur, author, radio show host and life strategist with exceptional creativity that allows her to help others get to a better place in a much faster time that she did.

    You can contact ... See More
  • Victory Beyond Limits
    Victory Beyond Limits
    Category: Spirituality
    10 Episodes
    518 94
    Shelia Heard, a retired Army veteran and founder of the My Life. My Terms™ Movement, is notorious for refusing to give up on "Self" despite the circumstances.
    That resilience saved Sheila after she retired from the military to care for daughter... after she overcame a neurological illness leaving her blind with no use of her ... See More
  • Wellthy Living
    Wellthy Living
    Category: Health
    23 Episodes
    790 299
    Hi! I'm Lisa Entwisle, a 40 something year old passionate woman, a mother of two beautiful humans, living in Melbourne, Australia and trying to make a difference in the world. I want to live on a planet where people have a strong sense of self , make self-loving choices and in turn share their best version with the world, spreading ... See More
  • YOU have WORTH!
    YOU have WORTH!
    Category: Talk
    9 Episodes
    873 92
    Ashley may be young, but she is fierce!
    At only 25 years old, divorce broke this LDS, single mom to her lowest point. She was full of self hate, depressed, suicidal and desperate for any positive affirmation from men, no matter the cost. One night stands turned into full blown Sex Addiction.
    Eventually Ashley certified as a ... See More
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