Kaylee Keller On The Chris Top Program

Kaylee Keller On The Chris Top Program

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Fresh on the scene singer-songwriter & actor Kaylee Keller recently released Diamonds. The sought after 18 year old from Kansas, shines with her vibrant personality and big full-voice sound. Her debut EP will certainly please Taylor & Underwood fans but Keller is on track to appeal to a larger audience with future song releases. Having started her own business at age 9 “Kaylees Passion For Fashion“, she is cut from a different rug than the average pop singer.
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  1. 21:40
    Kaylee Keller - Bad Boys and Good Girls
  2. 33:37
    Kaylee Keller - Song Like That
  3. 42:43
    Kaylee Keller - Diamond
  4. 50:12
    Hayley Beth Payne - WOBA


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