Doomcast 35 - Live Stream

Doomcast 35 - Live Stream

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  • Craig Simpson 4 years ago

    The Fort Hood shooting will be used to disarm Veterans. That will be the attempt. The propaganda will be "Veteran equals Fort Hood Shooter". "Veteran equals PTSD time bomb". At the same time EVERYONE that has ever been prescribed a huge list (pretty much all) sleep aids, anti-depressants, etc will FAIL a universal background check if it ever gets passed at a national level.

    But I believe the next attacks on the 2nd Amendment that started hours after Fort Hood will alienate the Statist's from "The People" and do much political clear cutting next election cycle. Have a feeling the next round of 2nd Amendment attacks will create more pro-gun and liberty American's than the last. Americans can intuitively feel future events, and know when it is best to keep their arms.

    "To Disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them", George Mason co-author of the Second Amendment. A little history on Mason and his part in the creation of the Bill of Rights can be found here

    "A quote from above article "Mason belatedly called for the addition of a bill of rights to the Constitution. Mason's call was shaped into a motion by Elbridge Gerry. They must have witnessed the roll call of states with chagrin as the resolution "to prepare a Bill of Rights" was defeated unanimously". America owes much to Mason for never giving up, and all should not that the Bill of Rights was first "defeated unanimously". Luckily America became a Republic.

    The 2nd Amendment same as the Bill of Rights as a whole will always be the Statist's #1 job to destroy. How many American's can describe the 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights and understand the history and spirit of each? Statists are winning.

  • Craig Simpson 4 years ago

    You can Duck Hunt with a 30.06 but I prefer using a .22 lol

  • Craig Simpson 4 years ago

    I agree 1000% Thinking after SHTF you can walk into the woods and shoot an Elk is only a candy-land delusion someone who has NEVER HUNTED would think. Hunting (and I love hunting) is a pain in the ass. There is so much more to it than walking in the woods and shooting. 

  • Craig Simpson 4 years ago

    Best Doug Owen quote ever, "How many recipes do you have for Squirrel? I have 5".

    Added to Amazon wishlist:

    Foxfire Complete Collection Books 1 Through 12


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