Blacklisted Radio 11.8.2015

Blacklisted Radio 11.8.2015

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  • Doug Owen about 1 year ago from

    Hey Jeff. Only one hour, and most of that is getting talked about non stop in alternative media. Hard to know what to talk about, because everything in really crazy everywhere :smile:

  • Jeff Pitman about 1 year ago from

    Man, I can't believe you didn't talk about Syria! I mean going to war over a friggin' pipeline. And all the refuge (pun intended) headed to Europe. Goona be a big deal. I hear lots of diseased folk overwhelming the hospitals; won't allow women to treat them, lots of cool stuff u missed! I mean 100,000 Arabs coming to a Billy-Bob's near you! Germans really pissed and want Merkel out, and Merkel sucking the knob of America who in large part started all the ruckus. Get with the prog bro! (always good to hear from you).


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