NOAH'S FLOOD (Chapter18 of 30)

NOAH'S FLOOD (Chapter18 of 30)

From: Enki Speaks
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The mysterious visitor Galzu, claimed he represented Anu, King of the planet Nibiru, the homeplanet of the Anunnaki Homo Sapiens who made us from their genome (plus some Erectus genes). Galzu actually spoke for the Creator-of-All.

Commander Enlil had ruled all Earthlings must drown and made all the Nibiran on Earth swear to hide the impending deluge from the Earthlings, lest they mob the rocket ports and prevent the Anunnaki escape.

Galzu told Chief Scientist Enki to defy Commander ... See More


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    Adam Michaels - A Courageous Light Instrumental
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    FreePlay Music - Intrepid Traveler

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