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  • Bible Study
    Bible Study
    Category: Spirituality
    2 Episodes
    8 4
    Reading a book in the bible and study each verse and interpreting and discussing what it means. This podcast is posted on the Spreaker public site for podcast weekend. will be aired live on GJRB on daily broadcast after the upgrade to broadcast

    Upload of Bible study90518 and 91218 this weekend on GJRB
  • Blue grass Jubilee
    Blue grass Jubilee
    Category: Music
    0 Episodes
    22 7
    A program of the best in Bluegrass music. From Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass boys, to Ricky Scaggs and a whole lot more. also new emerging Bluegrass music.

    heard every third Saturday 3:00 pm Central/4:00 Eastern/1:00 pm Pacific
    Moving back to 2:00 pm Central time in October
  • Classic country000
    Classic country000
    Category: Music
    0 Episodes
    5 2
    New music show featuring the best on Country Music from Hank Williams to Glen Campbell, Eddie Rabbitt, and Blake Sheldon and more This is the first show come on in request a song bring the numbers up
  • Clinton Church of Christ Sunday Service
    Praise and Worship and a message recorded each week from Christian community fellowship Church in Clinton, and recorded live on location from different areas throughout the Clinton area
    uploaded podcast Sundays, and broadcast live the Third Tuesday of each month, or anytime on GJRB
  • Crooners
    Category: Music
    0 Episodes
    61 16
    every second Friday of each month or extra episodes airing anytime spontaneously watch for postings on Facebook, Twitter, and google + and

    Stay tuned for Radio/television and Movie classics just click that program on the GJRB Spreaker public site
    Easy nights000
    Category: Music
    3 Episodes
    6 0
    Remember when the FM dial had that soft spot the kind of music that helped you to relax at night. I found this music and its back. Yes elevator music, Muzak or whatever you called it. I know you make fun of me for this, but I loved this music at night helped me to sleep. there were two stations, I think at one time there were four in ... See More
    Garyj in The Afternoon
    Category: Music
    4 Episodes
    19 14
  • Gary J in the Morning
    Gary J in the Morning
    Category: Music
    17 Episodes
    86 6
  • GaryJ's Sports page
    GaryJ's Sports page
    Category: Sports
    0 Episodes
    2 3
    Talking about Sports, all sports Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, football. even bowling. heard alternating Saturdays at 3:00 pm. When there is a game being played by the Chicago Cubs, or The Iowa Hawkeyes the start time maybe different. Watch for postings and let's talk sports
    GJRBLPFM local programming
    0 Episodes
    23 5
    This is a private broadcast to test the internet for live broadcast to make sure that the broadcast continues without disconnecting and cutting off the air
    GJRB schedule update podcast
    Category: Talk
    2 Episodes
    21 4
    A program detailing the GJRB program schedule. This is a podcast that goes up when GJRB programming changes are made. The graph or calendar schedule is then made visible on the GJRBTV You tube channel. If you want to see the schedule subscribe to the GJRBTV You tube channel and the video version
  • Good times, great oldies show
    Good times, great oldies show
    Category: Music
    0 Episodes
    98 30
    The greatest hits of all time from the 50's, 60's and 70's all the great oldies. Trivia, rare hits, and songs from Garyj's dusty 45 collection. and frequent Golden weekends with great oldies all weekend on GJRB. This program has no time slot yet just airs spontaneously watch for postings
  • Music and memories000
    Music and memories000
    Category: Music
    5 Episodes
    1 0
    This is a new show featuring the great music from a great time. Music from Frank Sinatra, to Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand, In addition I do trivia, sometimes left over trivia from radio/television and Movie classics. Music is the best time machine because an old song will take you to a certain time, or place. This is why this ... See More
  • Positive rock show
    Positive rock show
    Category: Music
    11 Episodes
    25 15
    The Positive rock show is heard twice monthly the first Sunday of the month at 9:00 pm
    I play all of today's most popular Christian rock and new emerging artist and tracks from christian discs from today's Christian rock artist. and Twin spin Tuesdays at 3:00 pm live right after a live airing of our CCF Church services which ... See More
  • Radio land
    Radio land
    6 Episodes
    22 4
    a program featuring classic radio programs with old commercials to make you think you tuned in the past
  • Radio land Time warp
    Radio land Time warp
    Category: Entertainment
    0 Episodes
    0 1
    This a new show which goes back in time to a specific year, and a specific date to give you the original prime time radio show line up taken from original radio listing from that date. This program will ether be live or a recorded podcast to be uploaded later
  • Radio/Television and Movie classics
    This program celebrates the good ole days of radio and TV. Back when the shows were good and it was free even if you only had maybe three channels. Also great memories with features like Forgotten show profiles, and coming soon forgotten TV movies. Retro Prime time, and TV Guide pages, and more. take a trip back to yesteryear. ... See More
  • Rockin 80's with Garyj
    Rockin 80's with Garyj
    Category: Music
    0 Episodes
    10 2
    The best music in one decade the 80's What is your favorite from this decade? the request lines are open throughout the show. call in on Skype gary.russen, or Facebook friends can call through messenger will puts you on the air and request your song. if you just want to quietly request your song just make your request in the GJRB ... See More
  • Smooth Afternoon
    Smooth Afternoon
    Category: Music
    4 Episodes
    48 21
    Soft jazz with a great variety of new and classic jazz and emerging artist
    heard once monthly the first week of each month and more often during the new GJRB radio schedule
  • Smooth evening
    Smooth evening
    Category: Music
    0 Episodes
    0 2
    A spin off of smooth afternoon aired on frequent evenings throughout the month playing the best in Smooth jazz from favorite artist like Kenny G to George Benson. In addition new emergng artist. This program will air on a spontaneous to be decided way until it gets a time slot based on listener
    reaction, and the number of times the ... See More
    Swing time
    0 Episodes
    7 1
    A new show with a new format featuring bios of big band leaders like Tommy Dorsey Benny Goodman, Sammy Kaye and you can request your favorite songs. Swing time coming soon this fall on GJRB
  • The Best of Jazz
    The Best of Jazz
    Category: Music
    5 Episodes
    65 33
    The first Saturday of the month
    3:00 -- 5:00 pm
    The blues house
    Category: Music
    3 Episodes
    8 3
    A new blues show featuring new emerging artist, and classic blues selections and current blues hits. Hit the like button to be heard more often Airs the last Saturday of every month @ 3:00 pm Central
  • The Gary Russen program
    The Gary Russen program
    Category: Talk
    4 Episodes
    19,822 2,653
  • The Gary Russen program Evening edition
    This program will air as a spontaneous broadcast until a time slot is established
  • The Gary Russen program Saturday Extra
    The Gary Russen program Saturday Extra
    Category: Talk
    10 Episodes
    73 13
    Specialty program a additional part of the Gary Russen program franchise airing in rotation on Saturdays with Bluegrass Jubilee, Garyj's sports page, and The Blues house live at 2:00 pm starting in October on GJRB
  • The last seven days
    The last seven days
    Category: Current Events
    1 Episode
    35 30
    A Thursday morning meeting discussing end time prophecies and news events and how it lines up with the Bible. uploaded podcast each week on Thursdays,and run live every third Friday at 2:00 pm Central/3:00 pm/Eastern/1:00 PM Pacific
  • Wave of Smooth jazz
    Wave of Smooth jazz
    Category: Music
    4 Episodes
    142 48
    The name of this music show has changed to Wave of Smooth jazz. The music is still the same just the name has changed due to a Spreaker follower has his jazz show named Smooth jazz. This is a program of non stopped jazz recordings played when I'm not live, or will be on live at 3 pm

    Stay tuned for Smooth Afternoon at 3 pm

    This ... See More
  • Way Out There
    Way Out There
    Category: Talk
    5 Episodes
    55 19
    A show about the Strange the unexplained from UFO's to the paranormal to time travel and other stuff out of the norm.

    Heard every third Friday live @ 3:00 pm Central
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