FC 142: Eye-Opening Discussion on 8.3

Explicit FC 142: Eye-Opening Discussion on 8.3

From: FrazlCast
0 0 about 1 year ago
Joined by Brandon/Sniperfrog/Mr. Ali to talk about 8.3, the interview with Ion by Millennium, raiding, relationships AND MORE! You will see why I like Brandon after listening to our fun discussion. Maybe I need to be a pupil of his pun training. SORRY, EYE THINK THAT’S ENOUGH JOKES ABOUT EYES, THEY ARE SO CORNEA! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Squeakers Flying Rat Mount Now Available in the Shop WoW 8.3: Exclusive interview with Ion Hazzikostas — Patch 8.3.5, Shadowlands, ... See More

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