Get Access to Our Royalty-Free Music Library

Raise the quality of your audio production

How can adding music and sound effects optimize your podcast?

Including music and sound effects throughout your recordings can create a more polished and engaging podcast. Use them to punctuate key moments and emotions during your interviews and stories, and create a heightened audio experience for your listeners.

Choose from a library of 30,000+ music tracks and 30,000+ sound effects, all royalty-free, together with a simple content license, all powered by Epidemic Sound. Not only can you use these tracks in your podcast, but you’ll be able to distribute your content worldwide without breaking your license restrictions, all rights cleared. Full songs as well as separated instrumental mixes or "stems" to easily trim and loop are yours for the taking.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for a subscription at $99 a year allowing you access to Epidemic Sound’s music and sound effects library.
  2. Download your choice of music and sound effects.
  3. Add them to Spreaker Studio and use them throughout your recordings.