Three Fundamental Principles - Cover Image
Three Fundamental Principles

Three Fundamental Principles

Bismillāh wa -Alḥamdulillāh wa Ṣalātu wa Salaam 'alā Rasūlillāh 'amma ba'd

At-Tarbiyah South Florida is pleased to present a weekly class with our Noble brother Abul-‘Abbaas Moosaa Richardson (May Allāh Preserve Him) who is a Graduate from Umm al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

This weekly class will be in English and Broadcasted LIVE In shā` Allāh.

🔁 EVERY Saturday Except the Last of the Month

⌚️ 6:00pm EDT| 6:00pm T&T| 10:00pm GMT| 1:00am KSA

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